Thin Ice

Bear on Ice

There is a simple verse written by Moses, some 5,000 years ago. It is a promise that God gave to Abraham, and it has never been broken.

I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will curse, and in you all the families of the earth will be blessed. Genesis 12:3

God promised to bless those who blessed Abraham–and the promise was not dependant on his failures or successes. It was a one sided-commitment. In Abraham’s life, this promise was kept, but it was not just for him. “All the families of the earth” of all time were also to be blessed through God’s promise to Abraham.


Through Abraham’s children–Israel.

The fact that he world will be blessed or cursed depending on their treatment of Israel is the history of the planet in a nutshell. The apple of God’s eye, the one and only true God, is Israel. It is his prized possession and he zealously protects it, like the center of his eye. Mess with Israel and you will get burned, whether Israel deserves their treatment or not; it is not dependent on them, but on God. Blue Eye The main way the world has been blessed in its history is through an Isrealite man, Jesus Christ. The world turned upside-down through his short life–no other man has ever had a bigger impact on history than him. And for those who believe in Christ’s mission and those who bless him by loving and living for him, will be eternally blessed.

The most recent way through which the world has been cursed by the Jews is during WWII. Hitler made a fatal mistake when he decided to make this homeless nation the center of his furious attack, for no rational reason.

I have heard it said that there was no logical reason, in the beginning of Hitler’s bid for worldwide domination, for the war to be lost by Germany. I would oldly put forth that the war was lost because Hitler dared to touch the apple of God’s eye–Israel.

The brilliant leader stumbled on a pebble.
The brilliant leader stumbled on a pebble

As I look over history, it is amazing to see how Israel, a minuscule and rebellious people (against their own God especially), take the center stage so very often. Israel has outlived the Assyrian, Babylonian, and Mongolian Empires. She has remained as empires have come and gone–Egypt, Rome, Greece, England, etc. Yet still she remains, seemingly defenseless, but unshaken, even with the constant threat of millions of Arab swords surrounding them, pledging to give their life for her death.

Looking at the current global climate, the pot is beginning to steam, and it is dangerously close to boiling-over. In Europe current statistics show that anti-Semitism is reaching new record highs. And the feeling is slowly but surely being fed in America, and it is slowly infiltrating even the church (e.g. Kingdom Theology)!

Economically, America has no reason remain Israel’s ally, since better allies could be had at her expense. Would not a vast majority of the problems in the Middle East be done away with if Israel were no more?

Hitler PosterSince the time of the Second World War, America has been the unwavering ally of Israel, and often it has stood by her alone. Why?!

Coincidentally, America has been a super-power since the late 1940’s. Is there a connection to Israel?

To be honest, it can be hard to be Israel’s ally. They are a very closed culture, they are bold and proud, and they have a multitude of enemies–they are like slobbering dogs waiting to be let go of their chains that hold them back from devouring her.

Yet American Presidents and politicians have stood by Israel as an active ally. We still provide about 8 percent of the governments yearly budget, in economical support. Is this a good use of our tax money?

Helen Freedman, the head of the AFSI, once said:

“It seems that presidents like Reagan and Bush who have a foundation in the Bible have a better understanding of what Israel’s role is in the world…Israel is not meant to be a nation like all the other nations, It’s not meant to be absorbed into the Middle East or the Commonwealth of Nations. It is a nation that represents the biblical promise – the Promised Land, the chosen people, and its obligation to be a light unto the nations.”

By the actions of presidents like Reagan, Bush, and even Nixon, they believed that Israel was more than simply a country among the many. They believed she was special and that by blessing Israel, America would be blessed and protected.

But what about President Barack Obama? Will he follow suit? Economically and as far as National defense goes, being Israel’s ally does not seem very wise right now. In fact, being Israel’s ally in these heated times seems very dangerous.

These very thoughts may have crossed his mind as he shook hands with Dictator Hugo Chaves, of Venezuela. Economically, being friends with Venezuela (which owns about a third of the world’s oil supply) makes brilliant sense, at almost whatever cost.

But there are strings attached–Chavez is friends with Iran’s Dictator, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. This man is the sword and outspoken enemy of Israel and he has stated that he will stop at nothing to take her off planet earth.

Chavez and Ahmadinejad

Chavez and Obama

We are walking on thin ice, Mr. President, and the water is getting warmer. This is not an economical decision, choose your fate carefully, very carefully.

I warn you Mr. President, the day you withdraw your alliance with Israel, is the day that America slips into the oblivion of history and we become largely secondary.

History is the best teacher–pray that our President takes a lesson in it.

Woman at Wailing Wal

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

Psa 137:5  If I forget you, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its skill!

Wailing Wall Jerusalem

Will you dare to mess with Isreal once again? (Hint: It’s not as small and insignificant as it looks)


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  1. that was a really good blog post. hmm, it is true, there are a lot of connections between how nations deal with Israel and what the results are afterward.

    i can’t stop thinking of the nations that made allies with Israel. They’re so lucky! There’s that nation that tricked Joshua into becoming their allies and because they had made allies with Israel and made a covenant, that nation wasn’t wiped out!

  2. Do you have proof that Obama is dealing with Chavez?, if it’s just because he shook hands with him, then I’ll pass to the next post.


  3. Thanks Moon. You are right–America has been lucky thus far.
    And Karina, that is a good point. America hasn’t made any deals with Venezuela, or Iran, yet. I hope America doesn’t, and I the point of this post is to help us realize where this could be headed. Obama is a very smart man, the problem is I am not sure he realizes the importance of Israel as an ally–they protect us!

  4. I do pray for Israel and I would love to go and visit one day…soon! My parents went and I know they loved the experience, and you have gone as well. I hope I get my chance one day. You are right we all need to find ways to support Israel.
    A good Jewish singer (reggae and rap) is Matisyahu, he is a Messianic Jew and truly a talented artist. Check him out!

  5. I enjoyed reading your article and very impressed. Your insight are very true and important.

    One thing i would have change is: “whether Israel deserves their treatment or not; it is not dependent on them, but on God. ”
    This can be understood wrong. It does depand on Israel.
    the nations of the world should encourage the people of Israel to be what they should be, the people of god. It would do good for the all world.

    Your article is very important, i think every American should read it, it is his right and obligation to know about the truth before he decide.

    I don’t mind helping publish it. This is what i do for a living – internet marketing.
    It will be a “charity” for the American nation, who has, and stil is, standing for the people of israel, all the whealth God infulenced to America is for that reason.

    Good Luck

    Perry Litany

  6. Roman, forgive me. I have not been linking any pictures to any sites. I have simply goggled the images and saved them to my computer.
    Google Image simply portrays any images on the web. If my images were used in someone else’s website, I would not be at all upset. But you are not the first person to bring this up. Maybe I should link the people in the images. As far as I knew all images on the web were free, since they were not copyrighted.
    Thanks for letting me know Roman.

  7. “Mess with Israel and you will get burned, whether Israel deserves their treatment or not; it is not dependent on them, but on God.”

    So what you are saying is……they can pretty much get away with murder

  8. UH there was no Israel until after WWI. Read about the Balfour Documents, the British Mandate, Israeli terrorists and you will see why some people in teh ME are pissed. Of course Islamic Extremist just use it as an excuse to obtain power through war and hatred. I am pretty much against using religion as a pretext to justify war or power grabs or land grabs. Any religion can and has done that.

    Israel exists because the west supported it, specifically because the US has given them 4 Billion and loaned them another 4 Billion (and then forgiven the loan) for years and years.

  9. Carpe Diem,
    I see you have commented on several of my posts, so thank you, I always enjoy good conversation.
    As a starting note, I am not sure why you mention WWI, I only mentioned Israel after WWII.
    I would repeat what Ayboday said, that Israel “can pretty much get away with murder”. It is interesting but true. You see Isreal is the most remarkeable country in the world with the most unexplaneable history ever–ask any historian. For 2,000 years the people were scattered virtually world-wide, yet their traditions and culture and language and religion have remained vurtually intact.
    When Israel became a nation in 1948 no country supported it in any practical way aside from America, but even then Israel was left virtually helpless. A look at the Yom Kippur War may be the best example of God’s holding to the promise to Abraham–in 6 days the Israeli airforce defeated 10 times its number of fighters and destroyed all opposition. This battle and others in its recent (and past!) history have defied all reason.
    Now let me be clear–Israel is not a “good” country–they have done many evils in the name of “God” and “good”. But that is where this ancient covenant with Abraham is important to understand, Genesis 15 states that the promise by God depended only on himself that he would protect Israel and bless them–the promise was unconditional and eternal. Why did God make such a promise? To show his grace, and to show how much God loves us even though we deserve him not. If if were not for the promise of God to Abraham, Israel would not exist. Period.

  10. 1) America is already becoming secondary, and America’s support of Israel isn’t helping. It’s taken us to war and created a large financial burden which has a tangible affect on the stability of a country.

    2) If God blesses those that bless Israel, why not just bless Israel?

    History is not a teacher. History is created, written and molded by the rulers of information for their own ends.

  11. Great post. It is truly sad to see how our president has been dealing with Israel. I love how the very same people who consider themselves “open-minded” and “liberals” won’t support the only democracy in the Middle East, call Israel a killer, and take sides with the terrorists. Nevermind how many Jews and Christians and Bahais are killed in Iran and elsewhere in M.E. Never mind how women are treated like animals in Iran and have the highest rate of depression than any other county in the world. Gd bless Israel and America.

  12. David,
    You are creating, writing, and molding your own “history” (or maybe I should call it fiction) about Israel right here. America didn’t go to war to support Israel. The war was in IRAQ and had nothing to do with Palestinians.

  13. David,
    I would agree with your assessment of America and it’s decline. But your assessment of America’s help of Israel I would consider wrong. You are looking at the financial side, not the historical side. Again I will defend history, it does teach us. People do rewrite history, as it were, and take what they want from it. But facts are facts–Israel did not disappear in 2,000 years of being without a homeland. That fact is not up for interpretation. So I would say, yes, support Israel because then God will bless America. But we must not neglect the countries neighboring. America must seek for peace in the area, but not at the expense of the Israelis or the people of Palestine. It is the extremest groups on both sides that are tearing the country apart. America should seek to bless Israel by bringing it peace, and it has sought this. Unfortunately the countries around do not want peace for it, so when “push comes to shove” the choice has been obvious: support Israel. But not with Obama–may I suggest that we are in hot water.

  14. Thanks for your comment Sarah. This is a really difficult issue and there is a lot of greed, corruption, and disparity happening over there. And all indications show it will get worse. Depending on what you think about where this world is going you could be optimistic of pessimistic. I am optimistic, but while I have the life and energy to, I will pursue to give people what they most need–spiritual rest and fulfillment found only in Christ.
    Like Augustine (~430 AD) famously said: “Our hearts are restless until they find rest in thee, Lord”.

  15. How is America helping israel???????? Come on people, are you so blind????? it’s the only country blessing and supporting israel by selling them infinite amounts of guns for it’s non-stop killings of children and innocent people for more tha 30 yeras.How about now that they have killed in INTERNATIONAL WATERS more than 10 Europian and worldwide activists that were bringing with peaceful boats medicins to palestinian people? how about that? how about the WALL that make become bigger and bigger everyday in and out Jerusalem? Fake God followers.. yeah that’s right! they’re so much like Crist that they kill for living! well done!

    poor pooor israel… you re talking about how for more that 2000 years they remained united.. well….could it be because they’re the richest people on earth? – poor israel really needs help: take a look at the some of the companies that “poor israelities” own:
    Mac Donalds,

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