“Hey, check out what I bought!” he yells over at me.

“A watch?” I question.

“It’s a spacechrome,” he replies frankly, “There is a big difference.”

“Oh really…” I say scratching my head.

“The guy who sold it to me said it is one of the biggest developments of the century.” I look at him with my eyebrow raised, waiting, “It…it…is a sophisticated piece of equipment that measures the earth’s movement around its axis.”


“Well, an alarm goes off every-time the earth has gone around a full time!” His eyes are wide with amazement and he puts the gizmo closer for me to look at, “Isn’t it amazing?”

“How much did you buy this for?” I ask.

“A slim $150,” he says, nodding in satisfaction.

Calvin and Hobbes“Oh boy.”


6 thoughts on “Spacechrome

  1. No it’s not about me. I actually just thought of the joke–but I couldn’t make it into an analogy or anything. I think it could work somehow…
    Yeah, I found the picture on the internet and it struck me as funny as well.

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