The Oppressive Celestial Spy

Note: Forgive me for not writing up new things on my website lately. After my book came out, it literally sapped my creative thoughts and it became a burden to write. So I decided to wait until it returned, instead of force-writing. Chances are if I actually want to write, you may actually enjoy reading! So I am giving it a fresh look.

I want to share a poem with you that I wrote recently that was spurned on by the study of the historical record of Job, the man who lived some 3,500 years ago in ancient Iraq/Persia (likely a contemporary of Abraham, father of Isaac and Ishmael). The book is largely misunderstood, but once studied in depth it answers some of the hardest and most significant questions known to man:

1. If there is a God, where is he?

2. What is God like?

3. Why is their pain?

4. How could God allow pain?

5. What is the purpose of pain?

These questions and many more are answered strongly in this work. The largest point that stands out to me is that Job not only answers the questions of that time, but also the questions of people today. It is just as efficient answering the questions of those with bad Theology (knowledge of God, Retribution Theology) as with our current atheists/agnostics. It also answers, boldly, God’s claim to be completely free (this is the theme of the book) and attacks Prosperity Gospel for what it is–a deceptive lie.

The conclusion of Job is thus: God can do what he wants, when he wants, however he wants–because he is God. Man has no answer for his maker for he is finite; but God is everlasting and is ultimately free.


Earth at Night

Truly man is weak,

He is broken and frail.

Our faces show confidence,

But our hearts cry

In desperate, pulsating pain.

Or am I and my friends

The only who suffer

And cry out for a helper?

Some of us cannot admit

To being restless.

Some men will boldly

Scream at the heavens:

“Show yourself!”

Who is it who rules

Above the clouds?

To whom do you call?

Who is he that

Holds all power over man?

Some accuse him as

The oppressive celestial spy.

Others say he is

But a magnificent myth,

Haunting our every move.

Yet others believe

That he is silent, patient,

Quietly speaking to man.

What is man that

God should answer him?

Is he our slave that

We should implore him?

Or is he changeable,

That we should mold him?

While man is confident

And supreme in himself,

God will be silent to him.

For God cannot be mocked.

But the day comes to all,

Like a thief,

When man lays dying

In his own blood.

When the day of misfortune

Tears him down.

The day his security

Is stripped from him,

And his glory is darkness.

The day his life flashes

Before his eyes.

The day his mother

Is lowered into the grave

And the shovel is in his hands.

Yes, on that day

All men stand before God

As down-trodden and hopeless,

Naked and broken.

On this day man

Shall have no answer.

God will speak and

Man shall be silent.

Truly all men are but dust.

All civilizations as fallen walls.

And now I will speak,

And advise you:

Look for God

While he can be found.

Seek to find him,

And he will break silence.

Truly God is

Unchangeably loving.

If it were not so,

We should be mortally afraid.

Truly God is holy,

So I warn you:

Be afraid!

Can man stand before God,


Shall you accuse him?

I pity the man who seeks

God’s favor

But comes arrayed in

Nakedness and blood.

The king of glory

Will cast you away–

As crumbs on a table.

But God is unchangeably loving.

He himself has provided

A lawyer, an advocate.

A perfect witness

Who will plead your case,

Even though you are not


He will array you in white

And set a gold crown

On your head.

Truly God proves

To be undeniably

Loving and holy.

Through the perfect Advocate–

You are counted perfect.

by Christopher R. Mattix

Looking for God


4 thoughts on “The Oppressive Celestial Spy

Add yours

  1. I was one who was waiting something from you all this time! But I know writer’s blockade is typical.

    Great poem! You have captured many sentiments from my heart. Wish I could write something like that!

    Keep writing!

  2. Hey Andres,

    Thanks for checking up on it! I usually read the posts you put up, and I enjoy them. But I must say that I have been bogged down and haven’t been writing much myself, yet that has begun to change. I will be putting up a multi-part essay next, hopefully…later this week likely.

    I have really been enjoying myself here at Emmaus–loving all my classes and the productive atmosphere. I was talking to Mrs. Stevenson the other day and she was reminiscing of days at Emmaus when you two worked in the kitchen. Some great stories!

    God bless, Christopher.

  3. The poem’s strange. So bold…and not new…seem so fearless. Does not attract, but rather the reverse. But, when one reads the poem, the strangeness disappears?? odd

    When one reads, Francis Thompson’s – Immortal Poem: The Hound of Heaven. It’s meaning is understood. The Hound follows the hare, never ceasing in its running, ever drawing nearer in the chase. In this poem, God reiterate His role as The One follow the fleeing soul by His Divine grace. The pain comes. The suffering is heavy. Read Chapter 42 and You see the grace of an All-Power: God

  4. Josh, I am thoroughly confused by your response. What do you think of the poem? You seem to say that it is repulsive, and very normal. That is all I can gather!
    I thought you had liked it, but your comment really throws me off…

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