Christ Being Heard in Iran

*Note: Because this is an illegal subject in Iran, so all names, places, and such will be kept out of this post.

It was exciting to be informed by a good source that there has been a great growth of Christianity inside the iron walls of Iran. At a meeting last night we heard that Iran is falling apart from the inside out, much like Rome in the early centuries.The people of Iran are becoming very disillusioned with their government (Ahmadinejad by most accounts did not win in the ballots but by authority, specifically because the “spiritual leader” Ayatollah Khameni wanted him to be “President”) and now especially with Islam. Many, many Iranians are “on the fence” about their faith–they can’t understand how such blatant crime and sin can be done by those in power and in the name of Allah. So they either become Radical Muslims, or they hear of the Gospel and find God.

The Recent Election

Ever since the 700’s AD countries like Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc. have been overrun by the conquest (not bloodless by any means!) of Muhammad. In 1979 the first Ayatollah (Khomeini) put out the king and set up Iran as a Islamic State. So as you can see, and as you likely know, Islam is a religion by force, not by choice (for the vast, vast majority). There are almost 1.6 billion Muslims in the world today, but most of them are very dissatisfied with Islam. For over a millennium the people of the Middle East have not heard anything but “There is only one god and Muhammad is his prophet”. They were slaves to those in power, and Islam was the opium to keep the people down. It still is.


But freedom is coming to Iran! In the last 20 years it is estimated that the church has grown to several hundred thousand Christians in Iran (but the persecution is heavy). Obviously Christianity is illegal in Iran, so are missionaries, and so is a lot of Western Society.

A great group working over there is the “Voice of Christ Media Ministries” and they are sharing the truth with any and all Iranians. They have a short (AM) and long wave (FM) radio going out into Iran and an unprecedented number of people are tuning in to the Gospel. Emails and phone calls are coming in and the word is being spread–true Christianity answers life’s problems!

But Iran is doing everything it can to limit the Gospel–Satellite radio is illegal (but everyone has one!) and the internet is severely blocked off from anything Christian.

There has been a certain website that has been so influential in Iran that it was cut off and blocked. It streams radio 24 hours/ 365 days a week with a Christian talk show, messages, and Christian music. It is called Radio Mojdeh (connected with “Voice of Christ Media Ministries). You won’t be able to understand any of it though because it is all in Farsi (Persian Language).

Please pray that this website would be opened again to the people of Iran–they deserve the right to know and to choose the course of their destiny for themselves.

Iran's Ahmadinejad and Bolivia's Evo Morales

Close to home for me is the fact that my home country Bolivia and Iran have created some strong ties. Iranians can now enter Bolivia without a visa, and vice versa. My president is playing with fire and he is clueless. Ahmadinejad’s beliefs are that a Messiah is coming (Mahdi) is bring Islam to the whole world by force and violence. Thus his main goals are to “pave the way” for him by destroying Israel and USA. (Sounds like the John the Baptist and the Messiah, they aren’t very creative). Supposedly this Messiah will come in the next few years (he’s been awaited for over 1000 years now)–Muhammad was never any good at prophesying (unlike Christ), so I wouldn’t trust those who believe in Mahdi either. Interestingly when Mahdi appears (which he will not) Christ will come with him in the clouds, like in the Rapture, and honor Mahdi as greater than himself. Obviously Muhammad knew his Bible well, but he used it for his personal gain and glory.

Just some things to keep in mind and to pray about. The world is coming to an end and the battle is getting hotter–pray that the Gospel will be spread while there is still time.


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