Islam’s Peaceful Invasion

Note: Read on to see a shocking video that blew my mind. May it open your eyes as well, because times are changing!

The year is 732 and massive Islamic hordes are at the threshold of Europe, closing in from the East in Turkey and from the West through Spain.

Spain was the last stand, and failure seemed imminent. Pope Gregory II was in a desperate state, and Europe with him. The military prowess and numberless horde that had been sweeping Spain seemed unstoppable. And so the pope begged Charles Martel, king of France, to save Europe. “The Hammer” accepted and gave a crushing and devastating blow to the Muslims in Southern France at the Battle of Tours (It should be said that myth has played into this story largely, and many argue that the Muslim hordes came to their natural end here, but nonetheless this battle was crucial).

Even with many questions surrounding this event, it is clear and unquestionable that this postponed the entrance and domination of Islam in Europe for well-over a millennia. Yet, here in our lifetimes, in less than fifty years, this will likely change.

Islam has historically been a militarily propelled religion, starting with Muhammad himself, who was a warrior with great ability and courage. But his self-made religion did not progress and succeed because of the power of the message, but because of the power of the sword he and his people wielded (unlike Paul’s claim in Romans 1:16). But Islam’s power did not overcome Europe. So a different tactic has been applied–and an deceivingly peaceful one at that–having kids, and lots of them. Read on and watch this incredible video!

I believe that it can truly be said that Islam has always been a religion that has grown through military strength and (especially more recently) population growth. There is little that is very attractive about the religion itself, simply because it advocates submission (what “Islam” means) as the chief end of man (and not delight in God’s love, like Christianity), and sets up invasive legalism (instead of Christian freedom and the pursuit of happiness in God, like Scripture teaches). Also, it degrades women to the level of sub-humans and conversely turns men into chauvinists, which is detestable and immoral. Islam is not simply a religion, as Americans think of religion, instead it is a culture, in and of itself. To be from a Muslim country implies one is a Muslim, and there is no way around it (somewhat similar to Catholicism in South America). And tolerance is not in their vocabulary, they will not stop until the world has “submitted”, literally, to its merciless blows. That is their agenda, but it will be thwarted (Isaiah 45:22-3).

I am no expert on the subject, in any way. But it doesn’t make our need for action any less pertinent and necessary. May it not cause us to fear, at the sight of such great odds, but to be “bold as a lion”, for such are “the righteous” (Prov. 28:1).


4 thoughts on “Islam’s Peaceful Invasion

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  1. The iniquity of the last times has to grow in someway to prepare the events of the return of our Lord to reign.
    Without Christ every person (muslim or not) will be part of that world system of the last times.

    Yes, action is and has always been required, so much the more as we see that Day approaching!

  2. Thank you for your commment, “May it not cause us to fear.” Unfortunately, some Christians have lashed out at Islam and the fear that has resulted has caused many of us to lose sight of our mandate to carry the love of Christ to individual Muslims who are trapped in this religion.

    I know it is a challenge for me. But, “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and self-control.” The power is in the Gospel, the love for unbeliever is from Christ himself who has shed it abroad in our hearts, and self-control over emotions that can keep us from obedience is the fruit of the Holy Spirit indwelling us. Fear of losing our lives should not keep us from sharing the love of Christ.

    When Jonathan was attending Shoreline Community College he became a part of the Muslim Student Association in order to befriend Muslims. I would have twinges of worry and fear if he was late come home on those evenings. These were not from God.

    We have the example of many who have reached out to people who are hostile to the Lord Jesus and yes, some have lost their lives to bring the glory of the Gospel to them. I think of the five brave families who sought to bring the Gospel to the Aucas of Ecuador and the men who lost their lives in the attempt. “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.” And what fruit their sacrifice bore!

    May the fear of what might happen never keep us from sharing the love of Christ with those who desperately need Him!

  3. may the Lord help us to love the lost – those trapped in a senseless religion; the mission field has come to us.

  4. Thank you for your comments!
    Andres you are right about the end being nearer and nearer. This is sending off warning signs, yet it is so good to see that God is still God and nothing is out of his control! What a beautiful thing.
    I find it interesting how much fear is caused by Islam upon those not part of it (and those in it, perhaps too?). Yet most Muslims are simply nominal, much like a nominal Catholic, for example. They are loving people who usually have tight families and loving relationships. The danger, of course, is radical Islam that actually follows the Qu’ran.
    May we love them and reach out to them!

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