CMML – Great New Website!

I’d like to introduce and promote a new website:


This is a great new website that I am so glad to see up-and-running. The purpose of the website is to keep people informed about the hundreds of missionaries around the world under the organization of Christian Missions in Many Lands Inc, a wonderful organization whose goal is “serving those who serve”. For example, both Jim Elliot and Pete Fleming were sent out through CMML, they became historic martyrs in Ecuador in 1956.

Lord willing I hope to be part of this organization in the near future, in some Latin American country. We will see where God leads.

Here are relatives of mine on the field whose profile is already available:

Mark and Carol Mattix. My parents, in Camiri, Bolivia.

Jesse and Janel Mattix. My brother, in Camiri, Bolivia.

Jerry and Sarah Mattix. My brother, in Eastern Turkey.

Luke and Gina Johnson. My sister, in Kigoma, Tanzania.


2 thoughts on “CMML – Great New Website!

  1. Yea! I was just thinking last week a website would be a great addition to the missionary handbook, because you could keep updated. So thankful you posted this. Thanks.

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