New Beginnings

It’s time I begin writing here again, on a regular basis. Many of you know I am functioning as a full-time missionary in Camiri, Bolivia these days, and many also receive update emails from me on a monthly basis (If you would like to be added to the list, send me your email privately).


So here we go, new beginnings. I think the reason why I stopped writing on the blog over a year ago, was because of intimidation. So many of my older posts are long, detailed, well-researched, and whatnot. Such pieces are not easy to replicate on a regular basis without causing undue stress!

Let me propose a new idea. I would like to write short little posts on a daily basis from here on out. They will be short devotionals, to help me, and hopefully you as well, to continue center-focused on Jesus Christ, not ourselves. This is so important, and I wrote a little comment about it on twitter earlier today:

We were made to focus on God and then others, lastly on ourselves. It is the path to true and lasting joy, man’s chief desire.

I will do my best to write a short devotional on a daily basis, from here on out, except for when I travel to preach and have no internet (likely one or two weekends out of the year, this Sunday will be a case and point). Shall we begin?


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