We Are the Poison (Daily Devotional)

Today’s Reading: Genesis 1-4.

When sin entered the world, it didn’t come slowly, or ” grow” on people as they got older. An old man is no more or less a sinner than a baby child. We all carry the same disease, the same poison, and this sin as a lion crouches in us, waiting to attack anyone anywhere, including God Himself.

Crouching Lion

Consider the list of first sins committed between Genesis 1-4:

1. Eve distrusts (disbelief) God, listening to a lie.

2. Eve ensnares and deceives her husband to sin with her.

3. Adam blames Eve, Eve blames the Serpent, no one repents.

4. Adam and Eve hide their sin, hiding both physically and in speech.

5. Cain envies his brother Abel. His jealousy turns to hatred.

6. Cain does not purse the truth and instead contrives an evil plan.

7. Cain violently kills his brother, a direct assault on God’s sovereignty.

8. Lamech takes two wives, although not a direct sin at this point, it does show his lust for power and authority.

9. Lamech proudly declares himself greater than other men (pride), without mention of God.

I have often said before that mankind is the venom of the world, the killing gangrene of all goodness, the manipulator of all truth, and the destroyer of true love. 

Only in the last verse of Genesis 4 do we find any hope:

At that time people began to worship (“call upon”, ESV) the LORD. (Genesis 4:26b, NET)

All that is good and ever will be good in this world belongs to God, and yet we have always contrived to manipulate His good, in favor of our sin. We even killed the first true lover of mankind, Jesus Christ Himself, who came and lived among us, only to be hated, betrayed and killed like a common fool. We are the fools, blinded by our own pride, and when we sin we allow the venom to continue to poison us, and the lion to tear at us, then everything becomes a festering wound. Jesus, how this world needs your Physician’s touch!

He was wounded because of our rebellious deeds,
crushed because of our sins;
he endured punishment that made us well;
because of his wounds we have been healed.
(Isaiah 53:5)


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