Will You Forever Regret It? (Daily Devotional)

Today’s Reading: Genesis 7.

Imagine loosing virtually everything you know as “normal” in a single day. It happened to Noah, and similar things are planned for the future of this world. We are now scientifically able to see what happened on that long-predicted and often laughed-at day (before and now). Noah probably had doubts as well, for we like to see in order to believe. Augustine once said:

“Lord, help me not to understand in order to believe, but to believe in order to understand.”

That does not mean I must have no evidence in order to believe in God, or that I must have blind trust in a salvation that comes by the death of Christ 2,000 years ago. He described, based on personal experience, that his faith came before he was sure just what he was believing in. His understanding grew out of his faith, just as love deepens after one gains the trust of the one you began to love. The love and trust of a older couple is much stronger, broader, and intimate than the simple love of a High Schooler, for example.

Today you can find fossil remains of the worldwide flood, of buried artifacts thousands of feet below the earth, of fish petrified while eating, dinosaur footprints going up a rock wall next to man, both running for their lives. But Noah didn’t have such assurance, he preached what was coming, yet surely doubt captivated him and left him questioning every step.

Build me an massive boat. What?

Fill it with two animals of every type from all over the world. How?

Tell everyone impending doom is upon them unless they repent. When?

Noah was just a man, like we are. The day came when he was looking over the massive rolling waves, watching rain falling endlessly, thunder and lightning crash onto disappearing mountain tops, thousands of rotting bodies of all kinds of humans and animals, crashing against each other in the water below.

Here he was, he was saved, he had great hope of survival, yet he had lost virtually everything and was heading into a new world.

My closing question is, did he have regretHad he really preached the message of repentance with a true zeal to save others? Had he really believed the end would come so soon?

Do we care that this world is almost over? Do we believe the end is actually coming? Or will we have regret once we can no longer do anything?


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