God of the Storm (Daily Devotional)

Today’s Reading: Genesis 8.

I love the story of Jesus walking on water found in the Gospels. How in two instances he (aside from scaring the living daylights out of His disciples) walks over the Sea of Galilee. It was docile to His touch, the rolling waves lifted and fell, yet He didn’t fall, nor did He sink into the water. Truly a miracle, which constitutes a material happening that supersedes the natural Laws of this world. On another occasion He simply sleeps as His disciples begin to despair of life and begin calling out to God, hoping He was not too far away or unable to help them. How ironic is it that He was right there? God was in their midst, sleeping like a child, so helpless, yet He was not far away, or unable to help, or impeded by His sleeping.

Let us not forget the valuable truth that Jesus is God. Jesus came to reveal God to us, to show us His love, His passion for live, His healing hands, His mercy, and even His justice and wrath. Jesus shows us God(may I refer you to “Jesus Shows Us God” by Jurgen Schulz).

Let me take you, therefore to visit the most important event in the history of Noah’s life, a great building block of understanding modern science and human purpose: The Flood. He was on a boat, a large one, but nonetheless a boat, and he was stuffed-in with hundreds of animals, tons of rotting food, and seemingly-eternal rain falling outside. Did he hear thunder? Likely. Was the wind dangerously strong? Yes. Would they hit on a mountain? Possibly. Could a wave suck them under? Very possibly. Could disease and infection begin to wipe out the animals and humans on board? Probably.

He had to live with this in his mind, every single day, for over a year! We don’t see how he “felt” about this, or if he prayed often to God for help, but I think it is reasonable to assume that he did. He must’ve felt both incredibly fortunate to have been saved, but also incredibly frightened at the very real possibility of the incoming extinction of part if not all of the world’s living inhabitants.

Perhaps he felt like the disciples did in that boat, on the Sea of Galilee, desperately begging for their lives in the biggest storm they may have ever experienced. Sorry Peter, that wasn’t a storm, you should talk to Noah for a bit! Nevertheless, both were forced to trust in God, for their next breath, for safety, to not loose their mind with their hope.

Jesus is God. Jesus shows us God. Jesus is exactly like God. He is a part of God, yet not God the Father, and yet they never contradict. To say that the God of the Old Testament is unlike or worse than Jesus of the New Testament, is completely incorrect. The God of the Old Testament is the God of the New Testament, who Jesus came to reveal in full glory. The OT God was therefore like watching the NFL on a 32″ black and white TV compared to being able to watch it on a 56″ HD TV. Same game, different projection-type. The problem is that the Prophets and Kings of the OT did a bad job of “showing God” to us, mainly because they had never seen or truly experienced Him. Yet Jesus is God, and He is the Father’s perfect mirror-image. So when you ask:

How is God love? Look at Jesus.

How is God a peacemaker? Look at Jesus.

How is God just? Look at Jesus.

How is God our Shield and Shepherd? Look at Jesus.

God is our protector in the storms of life. Jesus is our protector in the storms of life. They are One in perfection and character  yet the Trinity is three in persons. Is this mysterious and challenging to understand? Of course! But at least we know that if we know Jesus, we know God, if we know Jesus, we know the Spirit. They are One.


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