2012: “Count Your Blessings” (Daily Devotional)

Today’s Reading: Revelation 19.

(Context: The time for the Millennium arrives as Jesus enters the scene to destroy Antichrist’s armies at Armageddon.)

“Hallelujah!” Praises ring out as the King of Kings prepares to make war on Antichrist, in order to enter his long expected earthly and eternal Kingdom. Jesus will reign and His future victory is secure! We praise You, Jesus, for You are worthy!

The long-awaited 2nd Coming of Jesus (7 years after the Tribulation, not to be confused with the Rapture) has more prophetic backdrop than His 1st coming (birth in Nazareth). People have waited for His return for over 2,000 years, even with all the detractors, mockers, false prophets, and liberal Theologians giving it little value. Jesus will return. He will reign. Every knee will bow. All will confess that He is King.

OK, so what does this have to do with 2012?

What are your best memories from 2012?

Well, today is the last day of the year, so I guess we can talk about this past year. 2012 will pass into history as a year of mild note. There were a few minor wars (most notably Israel being arrogantly attacked by Gaza, who only lasted a few days before getting thrashed). The worldwide economy continued its slow and sad demise, most pointedly Europe and Western countries. Christian America mourned the demise of Biblical values. In sports, new and incredible records were set at the Olympics, Lionel Messi broke the all-time record for goals in a year, the Giants won a Super Bowl only to look worn-out in the next season (Oh, and for all you Seahawks fans, like me, they are currently the most dangerous team in the NFL, led by the “too short” Evangelical Quarterback named Russell Wilson). There is something for everyone. Sad things, good things, bad things, and glad things. Enter 2013. Good luck to you!

Here is the truth: Things are getting irreversibly worse. The Bible says so, science says so, common sense says so.

A life lived ignoring the return Jesus and the reality of God is truly a sad and pointless life. I told an atheist not long ago that I would rather commit suicide than believe there is no God. Atheists have my pity, but at least they are actively rejecting God on an intellectual level (although faulty). The sad truth is that most people live as practical Atheists  They live and die for money, fame, health, and family. What a terrible way to live. We have been called for so much more, for such a greater future, and we have such a greater and firmer hope! 

As 2012 leaves, think positive. “Count your blessings”. Believe in God, that this life is not the end.

Here are a few questions for you and for me to close out 2012:

1. How have you grown spiritually in 2012? (Bible knowledge, character traits – love, patience, hope, gratitude, etc.)

2. How have you matured in your spiritual disciplines in 2012? (Bible reading, praying regularly, helping others, etc.)

3. What did God teach you in 2012?

Now, let us think about 2013:

1. What does God want me to change in 2013, on a spiritual level?

2. What spiritual disciplines do I need to work on in 2013?

3. How can I be more useful to God and to His coming Kingdom in 2013?

Happy New Year!

(How about that for a strange combination of End Time Events and the end of 2012?)


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