End Times: Tensions in the Middle East

More and more our world seems to be spinning-out of control, with many countries slowly moving towards dictatorship and totalitarianism, with more sanctions and limited freedoms. True Christianity and its moral backbone are continually dying-out in the West, with policy-makers seeming to care more about their wallet than about truth and justice. Iran is spearheading a worldwide movement towards Radical Islam, which is true and Qu’ranic (Koranic) Islam, and while “peacemakers” in the West look for solutions to the mounting problems in the Middle East, the Radical Muslims smile, knowing their time of glory is near at hand. Israel looks on in astonishment and horror as the Obama Administration refuses to clamp-down on the breaking of international codes in both Syria, North Korea, and Iran, perhaps mainly because of the economic crunch looming over the dollar. Israel has stated that Iran is dangerously near the “red line“, where it can produce nuclear bombs and launch massive airborne attacks on Israel (the “little Satan”) and United States (the “big Satan”). The United States seems more interested in “talking” and finding “peace negotiations”, and it looks like Iran is willing to play-along for a little bit, to buy themselves time to finish “the bomb“.


Point is, with the current exponential growth of Islam around the world (soon to become the world’s largest religion) and the economic crunch facing America and Europe, we may soon be staring down the barrel of earth’s greatest world war. A war we might not wake-up out of. There is good reason to believe that the End Times are near at hand. This is why I believe it is important to be informed about current events, to have urgency to evangelize, and to know how to pray:

First off, here is an article written by Joel C. Rosenberg on who Iranian President Hassan Rouhani really is.

His website is a good one to read regularly, because he is in-tune on a personal level with some of the most important people in the US and Israel, even being something of a personal adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Often what the main-stream media feeds us is quite off and biased (especially in its understanding of true Islam), and it is important to get a second and well-educated opinion. Here is the link to Joel Rosenberg’s Blog.

Another useful source that I have been reading regularly has been the Clarion Project, the self-titled “#1 News Site on the Threat of Radical Islam“. It seeks to understand the mind of Radical Islam, to see what it is doing and where it is going, especially as it affects the United States and the worldwide freedoms of speech, religion, and women.

To understand the theory on the “Islamic Antichrist“, which has been quickly gaining steam among those who study Eschatology, you might be interested in the novels by Joel C. Rosenberg, which includes “the Twelfth Imam”, “Tehran Initiative”, and his latest “Damascus Countdown”. These can all be seen on his Amazon page.

I would also recommend Joel Richardson‘s scholarly books on this same subject, as he delves into the history of Islam, their eschatology, and compares it with Biblical Eschatology. His two books include “the Islamic Antichrist” and “Mideast Beast”. These can all be seen on his Amazon page.

If you are of Christ, you have no reason for fear, for the promises of God are a pillar and a strong fortress, and all that He has declared shall come to pass. Radical, Mohammedan Islam will crumble and fall, along with every other false religion, and peace and truth shall eternally reign over this world under Jesus Christ, the Son of God. 


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