Audio Sermon: Philemon – Transformed by the Spirit

My time in the US is almost done, after four great weeks – I’ll preach my last two sermons of many tomorrow here in New Jersey. My trip started in early July as I spoke at a adolescent camp in New Mexico, at Southwest Bible Camp. Afterwards I spoke at Garfield Gospel Chapel in Albuquerque before heading up to Seattle, WA for two weeks. I was able to visit Tieton Drive Bible Chapel, Centralia Gospel Chapel, North Lynnwood Bible Chapel, and Northgate Gospel Chapel. Lastly, I flew into Newark, NJ to spend a week visiting churches in New York and New Jersey, as well as to visit the CMML Headquarters. It was a privilege to visit two growing Spanish assemblies, among being involved with other churches and ministries. Monday afternoon I fly back to Bolivia, and I’m looking forward to being home and getting plugged-in to the activities there.

The Coverts and I at CMML Headquarters

The Coverts and I at CMML Headquarters

The following sermon is one I gave at Tieton Drive Bible Chapel on Philemon – one of my favorite books in the Bible because of how clearly it portrays the Gospel and shows forth the unique power of the Holy Spirit.

Philemon: Transformed by the Spirit – July 20, 2014

You can find the rest of my sermons from the past few years via the “sermons” tab.



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