So, You Want to be Great?

Greetings from Camiri,

My parents and I returned to Bolivia early last week, thankful to be home after several long flights and layovers. We are quickly getting back into our regular activities here, be it at the Bible School, at the local church, or visiting with friends. Looks like we missed the majority of winter here, so that worked out well. Ha!

God doesn’t look for great men and women, he makes great men and women. What he needs is a malleable, willing heart.

*             *             *

US Trip: I’m thankful for the four weeks I spent in the US, including a short trip to British Columbia in Canada. The trip went by in a flash it seems, with barely enough time to get around to churches, see family members, and visit with many friends. Already I’ve been asked about my plans for next year, as I have gone back once a year over the past 5 or so years. This is the first time I hesitate to say I’ll be back next summer, seeing as there are some other options I’ve been intrigued by lately. My desire is to spend most of the year here in Bolivia, with a few trips scheduled throughout. We will see what happens next year, but I’ll keep you all in the loop.

Peru Trip: Speaking of trips, I’ve been invited to return to speak at a church in Lima, which will take several days in late September. Since I’ll be in the country, I asked if it would be OK if I extended my stay to visit the ministry in the jungle, now that Jesse & Janel are there. This will likely improve the ever-growing connection with Peru and the ministries there, as there are plans to start a Bible School there early next year.

Busy Months Ahead: August and September will be very full. Next Monday I’ll begin teaching a two-week module on Sects (False Religions) at the Bible School. After a brief respite I’ll teach a module on Worldview/Apologetics. This year we found it necessary to add a new module to the Bible School schedule, being a week-long course on Homiletics and then helping the students prepare for the yearly missions trip. The day after I finish teaching that course I’ll be flying to Peru for the week and a half I reference earlier.

Projects: Some unique opportunities have shown-up recently and I’m praying that the Lord would give me wisdom in knowing how best to use the time and resources He gives me. The first is the possibility of starting a printing press in Camiri, in order to provide the churches in Bolivia with cheaper Christian resources. The other is to invest into housing for college students over at the farm, since there is a great demand for housing at a good cost. I’ll keep you posted on these developments as they progress.

Website: The site has been updated with 3 new messages I gave in the US, as well as the two seminars on Homiletics and Intertestamental Period. Here is the link to the sermons page.

Prayer Requests:

  • Thankful to be back home and more rested after a busy time in the US
  • That the Lord would give me wisdom and strength as I begin teaching Sects next week
  • To be led by the Lord with the opportunities for projects that are showing-up
  • For my upcoming trips to visit churches in various parts of Bolivia
  • For all the details to come together for my trip to Peru, which is over a month away

Thank you for the prayers and support. Was blessed to see many of you during my time in North America.

Many blessings,



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