Hidden Treasure!

(Pictured: Our farm, slowly coming out of a mild winter)

Dear friends and family,

I’ve really enjoyed the privilege starting a new series on Revelation in my home church in Camiri, and the believers seem really zoned-in as well. At the start of the series I told the audience that I had set a challenge for myself, based on the context of chapter one. The goal was to find Christ in every section of the book, seeking to worship Him and grow closer to Him. Many times we can get caught-up in the “End Times” aspect of this great book while failing to recognize that the central character is Jesus Christ, the King of Kings and Redeemer of all things. May the Lord help me to remember this promise that was made and to fulfill it well, to the glory of God.

The Bible is a mine, not a museum. Don’t just come to look and see, but dig, explore, and take home treasure. – Jon Bloom

*             *             *

Bible School: Two weeks in August were given to teaching “Sects and Dangers” at the Bible School. We enjoyed learning about a variety of religions, false doctrines, and legalisms that can terribly scar and damage the Church. We live in a world where false teachers and their churches are growing like wildfire, whereas true churches seem to be growing smaller and colder because of feuds among the believers and a general “coldness”. There is a wake-up call to be heard, because while Satan is trying to lull us to sleep, Christ is calling for us to be bold and strong in His power. Will we answer the call?

Next week I begin my fourth and last module on “Christian Worldview and Apologetics” at the Bible School, always one of my favorite modules to teach.

Travelling: August included two trips to Santa Cruz in the North and one to Villamontes in the South, as well as having one weekend visiting the churches here in Camiri (not to mention the regular midweek meetings I teach at here). The church in Villamontes is a lively bunch, full of kids singing loudly and eager learners among the adults. I also had two enjoyable trips to Santa Cruz, this past weekend being a special encouragement to me. Sometimes the youth or the adults (or both) can seem to grow cold in time, and it’s such a blessing to see that the Lord has helped both churches I visited overcome this. At one church the youth group was small and uninteresting, and the other church had many adults that didn’t seem all that tuned-in. That has slowly been changing and it has been noticeable in my mind; both groups of two different churches responded well to the messages this weekend. Praise the Lord that He softens and encourages the heart!

Upcoming: After I teach the Christian Worldview module, we have a brand-new course we will be trying out at the Bible School – “Homiletics”. We found this to be a necessary addition, since many students come out with good knowledge but don’t always know how to preach or teach it to others. I’ll be teaching that course and we hope this class becomes a good help to them.

Peru Trip: My dad will be helping me wrap-up that new course as I have to leave to Peru halfway through that week (in the end of September). I’ll be speaking at a conference at a church in Lima for a few days and then taking a flight to the jungle to see my brother Jesse and the ministry there in Tarapoto. The brothers there are setting-up a youth conference on Eschatology based on Daniel during my time there – should be great fun!

Prayer Requests:

  • That God may constantly guide me as I prepare new messages on Revelation and other passages
  • For the upcoming module on “Christian Worldview and Apologetics” and the course on “Homiletics”; may it be of true benefit for the students
  • The trip to Lima and Tarapoto, may the Lord use me to bless and encourage the believers

Thank you for the prayers and support.

God bless,



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