My Plan or His Plan?

Dear friends and family,

Compared to a busy September, October was quite calm and we’ve even been enjoying some very nice weather here after several weeks of intense heat. I’m thankful to the Lord for all the many blessings He rains down on us. I’m also thankful for all the opportunities and ideas that He gives. May we use these well and long to honor Him with our all. In truth, God’s way is always the best way, finding out what that way is and then being willing to follow it is the challenge. May we all seek His plan and follow His way, for it is the way of the Master.

It is not the yoke, but resistance to the yoke, that makes it heavy. – Andrew Murray

*             *             *

Bible School: Graduation was this past Saturday; felt proud of them all, knowing how much they learned and changed throughout their time at the Bible School. It is a privilege to work with the open minds of these energetic youth, being able to teach them the Lord’s Truth so that they might be better equipped to serve Him.

As the registrar, I’m already starting to have contact with the students that will be here next year. Of the eleven already showing interest, a large group is from Argentina and one is from Uruguay. We hope to be at or above 20 by February, so we seem to already be ahead of the curve compared to other years.

New Book: A few weeks ago I was thankful to be able to finish a book project that has taken me over a year to write. The book is historical fiction, written in Spanish. It’s called: Confesiones de un Inquisidor, which I suppose you can figure out. The book deals with the transformation of a Catholic Inquisitor who joins the Protestant movement when he starts to doubt the Catholic Church and is drawn to Martin Luther’s thinking. The purpose is to teach the truth about the Holy Inquisition, trying to understand its barbarity and the power-structure of the Roman Catholic Church. I believe this leads to a clearer understanding of the Reformation and the danger that so many dealt with at opposing the Church.

I’ve been in contact with several publishers, with the help of some friends, and while I’ve gotten some interesting leads with some of the biggest Spanish publishers, nothing is concrete yet. May God open the doors for this book to be published and become a tool to reach many for Christ, that many might be transformed by Him.

Projects: God has been opening some wonderful doors to some possible ministry opportunities here in Camiri. I’ve been praying that the Lord would show me ways reach new people and disciple others, and have been wondering how a small business could make such a ministry possible. As of yet there is nothing I can say officially, but there is a strong possibility that a large amount of housing could open up, which would serve Christian youth and others, since there is a housing shortage in our town and a lack of safe options for parents sending their children to college. Another strong possibility if opening a coffee shop, which would be a great way to reach-out to the community, form relationships, and teach good business practice which is lacking here. May God lead these ventures, if He sees fit.

Upcoming: November will naturally be a bit slower since the Bible School is over for the year and students enter their summer vacation. I have several trips planned over the next few weeks, two to Santa Cruz, one to a conference in Montero (near Santa Cruz), and to Villamontes down South.

In March I’m planning a month-long trip to New York City and Europe, I’ll give more details as it gets closer. I will also be taking a three-week trip to Peru in May, to teach in the first year of the Bible School, among other things.

Prayer Requests:

  • Thankful for a good year with the Bible School students; praying that the Lord brings another great group for next year
  • That the Lord would see fit to open doors with publishers for this book; that I might always use my writing to God’s glory
  • For the variety of trips and projects upcoming, that the Lord would always lead in His plan


Thank you for the prayers, encouragement, and support.

God bless,



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