Abounding in Thankfulness

Dear friends and family,

I’m so thankful to the Lord for such a wonderful trip – 4 continents in 4 weeks! I’m also so very thankful to be back home and back to work. I’d like to share with you some pictures from my trip, feel free to ask if you’d like some more detail.         

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. – Augustine

*             *             *


Trip Overview: My longest stay was in New York, the first leg of my trip, and it was a blessing to speak at the churches, even to be on television, and to meet so many new brothers and sisters. Already looking forward to a future trip, if the Lord wills it.

(Pictured: Visiting CMML Headquarters, had a great time visiting so many)


My second stop was in Rome, where I stayed with the Pasquale’s and even had the opportunity to find out a bit about their ministry. Two days were totally given to full-go tourism, something I’ve never really done before. The first day I saw St. John’s Cathedral and the Colosseum. The second day out I saw the Vatican – St. Peter’s Basilica, then spending most of the day taking in the museums and being absolutely awestruck by Michelangelo’s paintings in the Sistine Chapel.

(Pictured: The Roman Colosseum)


(Pictured: St. Peter’s Basilica)

From there I took a short flight to Paphos, Cyprus, where Jerry picked me up and drove to the Turkish side of Northern Cyprus, a country that doesn’t legally exist but definitely does in reality (I’m a witness! Ha!). It was nice to see his family, the work they do with college students, as well as doing some sight-seeing in Paphos, ancient Salamis, and Famagusta (where they live). Historically Cyprus was a very important city; in many ways he who controlled Cyprus controlled the Mediterranean, and he who controlled the Mediterranean controlled commerce on a global scale.

(Pictured: Seconds away from landing in Paphos, Cyprus; overlooking the beautifully blue Mediterranean)

(Pictured: Jerry and I walking the streets of Salamis, where Paul and Barnabas were so many years ago)


Jerry and Sarah invited me to come with them for a study tour of Israel, something I was so blessed to experience, even though I had to leave a bit early because of flight schedules. While Rome was a spectacular intellectual experience, Israel was a spiritual one, filling my mind with images and experiences to go with the countless passages of Scripture that so encourage and bless me.

(Pictured: With Jerry and Sarah on Mt. Carmel, overlooking the valley where Jesus grew up and taught most.)

(Pictured: On a boat on the Sea of Galilee; wonderful peace and beautiful weather)

(Pictured: Overlooking Jerusalem, the center of the world)


On my way out of Israel I was able to have supper with my elders, Dan and Peggy Covert, which was so much fun – to meet like that on the other side of the world! God is good. From there I traveled to Spain and spent just one afternoon and night there, but was warmly welcomed by the Ferrer family and I was also able to see Ken Barrett. Who knows if I can make another trip to Spain in the near future, more specifically to visit the churches and the believers.

My last stop was Miami, where the Fritchey’s hosted me so kindly, helped me with shopping, and got me to the meetings that were planned over the weekend. Also looking forward to being back in Miami in the near future to visit more churches, if the Lord wills it.

All in all, it was an excellent trip, a wild roller coaster of excitement, energy, and blessing. The Lord is so good. I must admit that my mind constantly brought me back to Bolivia, yet not only to my home, my family, and the ministries I so enjoy here. No, it my mind mostly brought me back to my lovely girlfriend, Genesis, with whom the Lord has blessed me with so greatly. We started dating officially just over two months ago and we both feel the Lord’s direction very strongly in this relationship.

(Pictured: Genesis and I. What a wonderful woman!)


Bible School: Upon returning home just over a week ago, I came home to Camiri and got right back to work. I spoke Friday and Sunday, and then began teaching the “Life of Christ” module on Monday. We have truly been blessed with a great group of students, 26 in all, which includes a family of four all the way from Uruguay.

Having such a full group, we realized that we needed more living quarters at the Bible School, so I am now heading up a project (perhaps the first of many) to make some rooms available for those students who come from outside Camiri, Lord willing it will be done by the end of May. One of my dreams is to see the Bible School expand to include a second year, so this construction would be a first step to realizing this vision.

(Pictured: My dad and a worker at the building site)


Upcoming Trips: This weekend I will be in Santa Cruz speaking, and the rest of the month includes trips to Portachuelo, Santa Cruz again, and perhaps Villamontes.

A month from today I fly-out again to Peru, along with my parents, where my dad and I will both be teaching at the new Bible School in the jungle. I will also be giving a youth conference there, and will then spend the last week of my trip in Lima, speaking some ten messages at a church’s anniversary. It will be a three-week trip in all.


Prayer Requests:

  • Thankful to the Lord to have made it back safely from the trip, blessed with safety and good health
  • That the Lord continue to guide my relationship with Genesis as He already has so powerfully
  • For strength to give my very best at the Bible School and in my upcoming travelling schedule
  • For the building project, that it might be a blessing to many students and/or families in the future


Thank you for the prayers, encouragement, and support.

God bless,



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