Fighting the Current

Dear friends and family,


We live in a world saturated by materialism and egocentrism, seemingly everyone fighting to have more and to be perceived as more. The letter to the seventh church in Revelation 3 correlates well with our current era; there Christ warns us that many churches will be filled with the world’s darkness and thus the world will be less filled with the Church’s light. Revival must happen in our own hearts, in our own lives. How much of the world is in me? How much of my light is fighting against the growing darkness? Do others see Christ in me?

Whatever you do, find the God-centered, Christ-exalting, Bible-saturated, passion of your life, and find your way to say it, live it, and die for it. – John Piper

*             *             *

Peru: My parents and I will be in Peru tomorrow morning, Lord willing. It will be my parents first trip to that lovely country, it will be my 9th. We are eager to see the new Bible School in the jungle, and I’m especially looking forward to seeing many friends, former students, and fellow missionaries. We are also eager to see Jesse and his family.

I will be spending two weeks in Tarapoto, my first week focusing on teaching a 20-hour Homiletics course at the Bible School. During my second week I’ve been asked to give a series of messages on Apologetics at a conference. On the 21st I’ll be flying to Lima for my third visit to the San Martín assembly in as many years. They have again asked me to be the speaker for their anniversary, where I will be giving ten messages on Revelation 1-3.


Housing Project: It was over a month ago that construction began on to build and remodel an area that will have three and eventually four rooms available for rent. My vision is to provide a safe and wholesome place to live for the families and/or students who come to Camiri to study at our Bible School or the Technical School, seeing as there are few options available. This will improve the infrastructure of the Bible School property, making use of the resources that the Lord has given us.

Construction - May 2016

If the Lord wills it, this may lead to other similar projects, to fix-up other old and broken-down rooms. My desire is that in the next few years we could have adequate housing for a dozen students and a host family, opening the door to a possible second year at the Bible School, one of my dreams.


Bible School: Speaking of the Bible School, I enjoyed teaching “Life of Christ” just after my return from my trip to the US and Europe. The group was eager and receptive, making it a joy to teach. Recently we started our yearly program of discipleship, matching each of the students with a mentor, something that has shown positive results since we began. It gives the student a chance to open-up one on one, helping them grow spiritually, and hopefully catching a vision to become a mentor to others in the future.

Cena Alumnos FBC - Abril 2016.jpg
A special supper with our stand-out students. 

Unfortunately, many of the students, including my mom, have been very sick with a disease that has been plaguing many (Chikunguña, carried by mosquitoes; very debilitating, painful, and long-lasting). I myself was on the verge of getting sick for a couple weeks, but the Lord gave me the strength to carry-on in spite of it.


Ministry Trips: In April I made trips to Santa Cruz, Villamontes, and Portachuelo, speaking at a variety of churches and catching-up with the brothers. I wasn’t able to visit all the churches I regularly help, but I told them I would do my best to visit them in June and beyond.

Upcoming Opportunities: In the next several months after my return from Peru I will be teaching three more modules at the Bible School, hopefully visiting the churches on my list, and perhaps planning a few shorter trips to places like Tarija and perhaps Northern Argentina.

In September Café Mattix (an American-style coffee shop) will open, leaning on the expertise and help of the Booher family who will be coming in late August. We are all excited about this new venture! The hope is to use this place to reach the community, have a good place for discipleship and study, offer excellent food, and teach good business practice, among other things. More to come on this.

I’m also pleased to announce that Everyday Publications have offered to publish my first book in Spanish – Un Nadie, which should be coming out early next year. May it be the first of many, as several other projects are on the back-burner already and I am in contact with several different publishers.


Prayer Requests:

  • Safety on our trip to Peru, that we might be a blessing and encouragement in our time there
  • For the housing project, that it would finish soon and be useful to many in the years to come
  • That the students at the Bible School would remain healthy, eager and focused on learning
  • For the Lord’s guidance with future endeavors at the coffee shop and the writing projects


Thank you for the prayers, encouragement, and support.

God bless,



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