The Joy of Completion

Dear friends and family,

(Had enough politics for a day? A year? A lifetime? Don’t worry, none here!)

I remember several years ago when I was organizing a big missions event at Emmaus Bible College. Many people were working together to orchestrate it, everyone on our team pulling their weight. The awaited day arrived and we all gave one final push. It was a glowing success. I remember sitting back, feeling satisfaction at a job well done. I’m sure you have experienced something similar in your life many a time – the joy a completion. It’s the finish line that often keeps us fighting when the going gets tough, much like a marathon runner rounding the final bend. Life was given to us to glorify God, to give our all to the One who deserves our very best. Those who live to His glory will find rest, beauty, and joy all along the way.

Only one life, twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last. – CT Studd

*             *             *

“Mattix Coffee”: After all the adrenaline and excitement of starting the coffee shop wore-off, we have begun enjoying the day to day joys and challenges of running a flowering business. One of my favorite things to do is to greet those who come in, especially those who come for the first time. Their impression is always a good one, so many surprised to see something like this in Camiri when one can barely find something like it in the whole of the country outside the major cities.

Breakfast and Bible Reading at Mattix Coffee

We’ve been blessed to have a good team in place, as we have hired two young men and two young ladies to work alongside Rudi Booher and his daughter Emily. Soon we will be adding one more young woman as we prepare to open weekend nights beginning next week. The whole team is Christian, since this is a Christian coffee shop, and we take very seriously the desire to share the Gospel through our kindness, service, and generosity.

Halloween has recently begun to be celebrated in Bolivia, and the very worst of what one sees in North America has transferred here. But they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, one of the very best celebrations in the year. I wonder if we can change that a bit? To do so, we plan on making 350 chocolate chip cookies, putting them in nice individual transparent bags along with a Bible verse and a “why are you thankful?”. We will then be giving them out around the city, free of charge.

Bible School: I had the privilege of teaching the last module of the year at the Bible School this year. It was Eschatology, a module I had never taught there before, and while it was quite a challenge to get all my notes ready on Daniel, Revelation, etc. it sure was an exciting opportunity. Seeing as it was their last two weeks, my fear was that I wouldn’t be able to capture their attention or inspire them with the profound and beautiful concepts hidden in our great hope of our coming King. Thankfully my fears proved meaningless and we enjoyed what I felt like was my favorite of the four modules I gave this year. Thank you, Lord!

Last day of classes at the Bible School

It was a joyous and saddening experience to see our Bible Students, in whom we have invested so much this year, graduate on November 5th. They will be returning home to various parts of Bolivia and South America, and I am so eager to see what they will do with all they have learned this year. There are some very talented young men and women, may the Lord use them to His glory!

Already we are preparing for next year, and as the registrar it is my duty to follow-up on those who have shown interest and track down the leads of possible future students for 2017. That list already has 26 names and we will only accept 22.

Trips and Activities: In October, I traveled twice to Santa Cruz, once to Villamontes, and stayed home another weekend, all to preach. For now, I am still taking a break from preaching on Friday nights until the elders ask me for another series. The Bible Study on Wednesdays continue strong and the group while somewhat small is steady.

Genesis and I - November.jpg
Celebrating a concert Genesis and her siblings gave recently

Upcoming: In November, I plan on travelling to Santa Cruz a few more times and staying home a couple weekends to preach. There will be more free time available now, which I would like to invest in the Coffee Shop, recording at the radio, some writing projects, etc. I’m so thankful to the Lord for rest and excited for what lies ahead.

Prayer Requests:

  • For the Coffee Shop to continue being a place of blessing and light in Camiri
  • Thankful for the Lord’s help with the Eschatology modules and my preaching engagements
  • That the Bible School students would honor the Lord with their gifts and knowledge back home
  • For my upcoming trips, speaking engagements, and projects this next month


Thank you for the prayers, encouragement, and support.

God bless,



2 thoughts on “The Joy of Completion

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  1. Dear brother Chris – we are so happy to see the Lord blessing your ministry and pray for this work a lot that the Lord will produce fruit for His glory.
    Your ministry has been an encouragement to my wife and I in Bolivia as first time missionaries and I hope one day we will be able to enjoy a good cup of coffee together with you around the Word of God….being Canadian we are obviously missing our Tim Hortons coffee….lol

    Also tell your dad I still have his saw….bless you all – love in Christ
    Bob and Grace Docherty……Warnes

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