Satisfied in God

Dear friends and family,

November was a month I will not soon forget, one full of learning and finding joy in the Lord. God is so very good to us, never allowing us to settle for mediocrity, but leading us on to become ever more useful to His glorious purposes. Life was not given us to find our joy in wealth, position, or comforts, as the world would have us believe. Instead, as the Puritans aptly put it, we were created to glorify God and in that pursuit to find our delight in Him. Happy the man who is satisfied in God, for no storm can sink him, no tempest shake him.

The first great focus that must consume my every day is to have my soul joyful in the Lord. – George Muller

*             *             *

Radio: Now that the Bible School year is over, I have been able to invest some time into one of my favorite things – recording at the local radio station. Rodolfo, the technician who makes it all happen, waits for me to come by in the afternoons, we test the sounds, and then he leaves me to look over my notes and record. The process often takes an hour. Often, I get so riled-up that the various people in the nearby rooms can hear me getting excited as I expound the Word. They come and joke with me later, saying I should be careful not to break anything!

We are currently working through a study on Revelations, having finished #22 of the #31 messages. Lord willing it will be complete by the end of the year and will be available for the radio and in CD form by January. The CDs are divided-up into a series of 8 for now, and a rough estimate shows that over 3,000 of these CDs have been sold since we began recording them!

Yesterday I received a message from a young man who has extensively used our website (, where all the audio material is readily available. He was thankful for the work put in, eager to know when I would be able to visit him. This is just one example of several such notes that encourage me to continue in this radio and audio ministry. The site averages over 50 unique visitors per day, and my prayer is that this ministry will continue to grow and bless more people.

Celebrating Thanksgiving with Andres, while having a little fun

Writing: I’ve also had more time to invest in writing in Spanish, be it articles or some book projects. Recently I finished a 9-part series of biographies on Church History which was widely read online; my desire is to compile these articles into a short book that might teach this topic through story instead of through just dates and events. I’ve come to realize through many calls that there are not many editorials interested in publishing new material in Spanish, unless it’s charismatic or “self-help” material, but I’m not willing to give-up on this pursuit of publishing. Next year I plan on self-publishing this short book on Church History in Bolivia and then taking it with me wherever I travel. This may be a simpler answer.

“Mattix Coffee”: The coffee shop has now been open for over two months and the interest has continued strong. We are so thankful to see this business flourish, giving work to five keen young people, being talked about all over town, and hopefully leading to good, natural conversations about Christ in time.

Handing-out cookies all over town for Thanksgiving with Ciro, one of the workers

Part of the profit is being set aside to form a missionary fund, and the percentage will grow once the original investment is paid off. September incredibly yielded a small profit, October a small loss, and for November we had a 17% profit, which is shocking! Our missionary fund has some $57 in it; although it is yet small, we hope it is the beginning of a great endeavor!

The housing project has also been useful to a family from Uruguay, and I can now confirm that it will have these same residents for all next year. As of now, this project has yielded an offering of $246, which has been given directly to the Bible School. God is good and is showing us that the time, energy, and money invested into this is truly paying off.

Upcoming: Tonight, I will be travelling to Tarija, a beautiful city to the West, to give a course on “The Islamic Antichrist”, open to all the churches, and to preach at some 6 churches, among other activities. From there I’ll travel to Yacuiba next Saturday, where I’m scheduled to speak at a wedding – something I have never done before! Sunday I’ll be in Villamontes, speaking twice.

The plan is to spend Christmas and New Year with the Campbell’s, Genesis’ family. I’ll be giving the same series as in Tarija there, again open to all the churches in the city. In January I plan on resuming my normal itinerant preaching schedule, and start to line-up the group of students that will be at the Bible School next year.

Genesis and I celebrating her graduation in Business Administration; she graduated with all the honors!

Prayer Requests:

  • That the radio series on Revelation would be finalized this month and a useful tool for many
  • For the trip to Tarija, Yacuiba, and Villamontes, that I might be a blessing to the believers
  • Thankful for the coffee shop’s success and outreach; for continued wisdom in its administration
  • For the future students of the Bible Schools and the preparations that must be made by March

Thank you for the prayers, encouragement, and support.

God bless,



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