Big News!

(Pictured above: Recording on national television channel “Solo Noticias”, speaking on Islam, radical terrorism, the Islamic Antichrist, and the GOSPEL!)

Dear friends and family,

This is likely the latest I’ve ever sent out a ministry update and there is good reason for it. I was awaiting confirmation of one of the most important and most-longed for opportunities of my life. What a joy to share it with you all. I’ve often meditated that waiting is one of humanity’s most consuming and yet unwanted pursuits. Waiting can fill us with anxiety, fear, even desperation. The Lord knows my weaknesses, my impatience and desire to have everything done in my time and my way. Our good Father likely sits and has a good chuckle over me every time he sees this. How marvelous is the Lord’s patience and wisdom, being so good as to give us exactly what we need and rightly-desire, but not a moment too soon nor too late. There is a good plan, on a road just around the bend to lead us there, so let us take His hand and trust.

“All human wisdom is contained in these two words – Wait and Hope” – Alexandre Dumas

*             *             *

Pictured: Spending time with Genesis and her family in Camiri, visited a beautiful canyon

Writing: Got a little impatient to hear the good news, right? Case in point. Some two weeks ago, a brother in Bogotá writes me, thanking me for the audio study on Church History available on my Spanish website. It led to a brief conversation on the same topic where I mentioned to him that I was in the process of editing my book on the Holy Inquisition. It turns out he works for one of the most important Christian Spanish publishers, Editorial Desafío. I happened to be at the radio station then, having just finished recording the last section on Revelation when I received a surprise video call. It was the editor in chief of the publishing company, where it turns out this young man worked, asking me to please consider publishing with them.

Usually it’s the one wanting to be published doing the asking (and I’ve done my fair share of asking!), so this really shocked me. Over the next week, they looked over my manuscript, accepted it with great reviews and by Friday night I was signing my first official publishing contract in Spanish with this well-known publisher. Anyone in the writing business knows how difficult it is to even get an opportunity for one’s manuscript to be truly looked at, and it turns out that in Spanish it may be even harder. A year of calls, sending my manuscript, waiting and praying, finally lead to this incredible opportunity at the perfect time. God is so good!

The plan is to have the book published and available worldwide by mid-April, during my trip to New York and New Jersey. There is much to do to hit this early deadline, but thankfully most of the editing is done and some important headway was already done on the cover. They have asked me to do some artwork to be included in the book, to work with the editors, and eventually to record an audiobook. Very exciting times! Will keep you posted.

2017 Schedule: To get away from the rampant immorality of the “Carnaval” weekend, churches across the country organize camps and retreats. This year, I was invited to speak at a youth event near Santa Cruz, in Montero. I’ve been told it is one of the biggest if not the biggest held among the assemblies. I’m looking forward to the event, where I’ll be sharing five messages on the “Transformation of Joseph” and giving three studies on Apologetics.

The first trip out of the country is to the US, starting in New York City on April 13, to teach at a variety of Spanish-speaking assemblies, promote the book, and speak at a large youth event. At the end of the month the plan is to get to CMML Headquarters in New Jersey and visit English-speaking assemblies until I return home on May 8. I’ve been invited to speak at CMML’s “What’s Next” youth conference on May 6th, to encourage young men and women to ponder God’s direction in their life.

My second trip is on July 6th, when I’ll be in Lima, Peru over the weekend, giving a conference in the city before travelling to the Bible School in Tarapoto to teach Church History for two weeks. By July 22nd I’ll be in Miami, FL for a weekend, Lord willing, before continuing to Seattle, WA until I return home again on August 14.

Pictured: Genesis surprised me in Camiri to celebrate our 1 year dating anniversary. So special!

“Mattix Coffee”: As is common with food businesses, January was one of our slowest months, but even so we paid all our bills and had a surprising amount of profit! I’m so thankful to the Lord for His provision and how He has taught us so many things in this new adventure. The team has been coming together, becoming more efficient and helping us to build-up a regular clientele, although there is yet work to be done. The school year just started-up as well, so that will help us see a boost in clients as well as opportunities to share the love of Christ.


Prayer Requests:

  • Thankful to the Lord for the opportunity to publish Confesiones de un inquisidor with Editorial Desafío
  • To work hard and efficiently to present a great book by mid-April, that it would be used to the glory of God
  • For the upcoming youth conference in Montero, that the Lord would challenge and transform many through the preaching of the Word
  • That the Lord would continue to guide us at the coffee shop, to be a light and encouragement to many
  • The Bible School here starts on March 6th, I’m working to finish registering the students. Pray for the right students and a good year!


Thank you for the prayers, encouragement, and support.

God bless,


Pictured: Not sure how the news missed this one! :D Just for fun, by the way. #NoPoliticsHere

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