War Is Upon Us

(Pictured above: Recording for TV, using the opportunity to promote my book. Santiago, who is next to me, is a well-known elder in the area)

Dear friends and family,

I’m currently on route back to Bolivia after a good few weeks in New York and New Jersey, preaching at a variety of Spanish- and English-speaking assemblies. Although I was so eager to be back home, especially in missing Genesis, it was a blessing to feel welcome and useful during this time.

Through a variety of ways during this trip, I was struck with the fact that we are perpetually at war, not with the seen but with the unseen. Immorality and hatred towards God and His Truth is rampant, growing around the world. We are entering uncharted territory, fear is growing in the hearts of the unsaved. Satan is moving with precision and great power, using relativity and liberalism in the Western World and radical, legalist concepts in the Middle East, North Korea, etc. Are we nearing the end? As the children of the King it is ours to hope, to press on in spreading the Good News and to use our lives to His glory. Are we equipped to go to battle?

A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth gets the chance to get its pants on – Winston Churchill

*             *             *

(Pictured: Touring downtown NYC, love this architecture!)

New York & New Jersey: Doing nearly thirty different events, in English and Spanish, over a 25-day period was quite taxing, filled with many exciting stories to be told. Let me share a couple:

A couple weeks ago, I received a message from someone I didn’t know. Her name was Martha, she told me she lived in the NYC and was hoping to hear me speak at a church and purchase the book. A while later she writes me, saying she had to make an emergency trip to her homeland in South America, so I put her in contact with Sergio Calderon, an elder of one of the assemblies who was a great help during my whole trip. When she got back, she contacted him and it turns out that she received the Lord just recently, after listening to my messages on my Spanish website, www.recursoscristianos.info. She was looking for a church, and to her surprise, there was one a mere 10 blocks from her apartment. Praise the Lord!

Last week, I received another message from someone I didn’t know. His name was Sergio, and he asked me if he could tell me his testimony. He did it thoroughly, through audio messages, telling me of his struggles at charismatic churches that never taught him the Gospel. He had been longing to have a relationship with God for quite some time, but no one could direct him. Now, as a soldier in the Argentine army, he told me how he had come across some good audio material, and again my website was of special help to him. I received these messages on a Wednesday morning, he told me had gotten saved the night before, listening to a message I had online which the Lord used to touch his heart. He’s now looking for a church to attend in the remote area near where his barracks is located. God is good!

(Pictured: Downtown NYC, you sure get a neck cramp looking up so much!)

Confesiones de un inquisidor: The book, Confesiones de un inquisidor, has so far been a great success. Some 130 were sold at the assemblies in the area, and it looks as if sales are quite high on Amazon. The other day, Amazon reported it as the #1 in sales in the category “new fiction in Spanish”, and #46 overall in “fiction in Spanish”! My publisher is reporting that the interest is very high from the Spanish distributors and initial response from those who are buying it is very positive.

This Sunday there is a large event in Santa Cruz to launch the book in Bolivia. The following weekend there will be one in Camiri. People are very excited about it, as am I. May the Lord use the book to teach the believers Church History and to show the non-Christians who Jesus really is.

With relation to this, let me share something I heard a few weeks back, just after the book was officially launched, from the chief editor of the publishing company. He often sends books that are in process of being published to a literary critic, a lady who is a staunch Catholic. He said that she has never been willing to open-up about Jesus, try as he may. When she read my book, she told him she was “furious”. He was surprised, and asked if there was something wrong with the book. She said she loved the book, that it was well-written and interesting. She said that she was “furious with the Catholic Church”. The book uncovers the bloody and immoral history behind the Catholic Church, with specific reference to the Papacy, Crusades, Holy Inquisition, Indulgences, etc. She said she had never heard most of the things talked about in the book, and took it upon herself to research. To her shock, the book was telling the truth! For the first time, he had a conversation about the Bible and Jesus with her. Incredible!

FullSizeRender_5(Pictured: Getting dropped-off at CMML after a great time at Maplewood Chapel, one of the many I visited.)

“Mattix Coffee”: Genesis is doing a wonderful job at the coffee shop, having gone to Camiri twice over the last couple weeks. She has helped organize and streamline the whole process, work closely with our workers and ensuring we continue steadfast after our original vision for the coffee shop. We want this place to really transform our town and open the door to spread the love of Jesus in a non-intrusive way. Genesis’ mother, as well as my own, have been a great help during this transition time.

Upcoming: Aside from the two book events previously mentioned, we are also hoping to do several more throughout Bolivia, mostly dependent on how many books we have available. This next Saturday I’ve also been invited to speak at an Elder’s Retreat organized for all the elders in and around Santa Cruz. I’ll be giving three sessions on Daniel and Eschatology in general. Thankful for the opportunity!

(Pictured: Just before my trip. Missing this sweet young woman!)

Prayer Requests:

  • Thank you for praying for safety during my trip, I believe it was a mutual blessing.
  • Thankful for what the Lord has done with the book so far, praying He might be glorified as He leads on.
  • For Martha, Sergio and the literary critic, as they continue their search for Truth.
  • For the coffee shop to continue strong, that the Lord would continue to give Genesis wisdom there.
  • That the Lord would give me strength and good health as we press on through a busy season of life.


Thank you for the prayers, encouragement, and support.

God bless,



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