We Got Engaged!

Dear friends and family,


What so many of us were praying for and hoping for (none more than myself!) has finally arrived. Genesis and I are officially engaged! We are so blessed and encouraged!

Despite a ludicrously-busy month of May, one full of surprises, where we encountered great joy and sorrow, I was reminded overall that God is good, so very good. Our life is but a shadow and a mist in the light of eternity, yet the Lord uses it all to mold us and teach us. As we have often heard it said, “there is nothing lost in God’s economy.”

God’s primary purpose is not to make you rich or famous, instead more like Jesus.

*             *             *


Engagement: On beautifully sunny Sunday morning, May 21st, I surprised Genesis on the bridge going across to the farm and asked her if she would be my wife. She said “yes!”, amid tears of joy and great emotion. The Bible School students were among those who helped me, putting up signs for her to see as she got closer. I was hidden behind a pillar as one of her favorite songs was playing on some speakers. Truly a special, unforgettable moment for both of us. We would ask for your prayer as we enter a new and exciting time in our lives. There is yet no date set, but will let you know.

Engagement Bridge - May 21, 2017.jpg
Genesis and I on the bridge, after our Engagement

The night before we had the launch of the book Confesiones de un inquisidor, and it was the main reason why she and her family were in town. I was also getting ready to start a module on Monday at the Bible School, so you can imagine how hard it was to get everything just right while not letting her know what was happening!

Her father, Teddy Campbell, joined us for this special event, even though he has been quite sick and has been in and out of the hospital for over 3 months now. He shared this special moment by watching from the balcony, later giving us all some truly memorable words to bless our future marriage, as we shared lunch together. A few days later he had a serious setback and returned to the hospital. He is still there, worse than ever. We are unsure what the future holds, but we are trusting in the Lord.


Confesiones de un inquisidor: I was happy to be back in Bolivia in early May after a great trip to New York and New Jersey. It was a challenge, but we eventually got some 300 books here for two important events. First, we had a book signing event in Santa Cruz and then in Camiri, both with great turnout. In just over a month, we’ve sold nearly 400 books in the US and Bolivia. The editorial told me that the sales have been unexpectedly high for them, already selling-out the first printing of 1,500 books with a backlog of orders still in waiting. I’m hoping to receive another 500 for Bolivia, with already over 100 books being asked for by Christian schools around the country. There may even be a possibility of getting books into the public schooling system.

SCZ Book Launch - May 2017
With Genesis and her siblings, they helped with special music

Recently, Amazon showed that in the combined category of Christian, fiction and Spanish, we were #20 in sales. Narnia was #5, The Shack at #19. It is incredible what the Lord is doing! The book has been very well accepted and enjoyed. In fact, the book has been so successful so quickly that the publisher asked me to attend “ExpoLit Miami” in early August, the biggest Spanish Christian literary event worldwide.

This week and next I will be working with the publishing company to send in my next manuscript and begin work on the cover for Héroes, which is a series of short biographies on 8 major persons in Church History. Confessions of an Inquisitor, the project to translate our first book, is already underway.

You can find the Spanish version here: Amazon.com


Facultad Bíblica: Last Friday, I finished my second module this year at the Bible School, on Church History. It is perhaps my favorite one to teach and the students were very attentive and eager. That said, one of the challenges at the end of each semester is helping them remember why they came, to stay focused on their goals of learning and yearn to grow closer to the Lord. Joel and Samuel, two of the young men I help disciple, told me of their struggle to retain this purpose, and they are eager to use their time wisely. I’d say this is a constant battle for all of us. What is our purpose? What are our goals? How is our relationship with the Lord? Amid the challenges that life throws at us, may we constantly return to this, and grow ever closer to our Lord.

Teddy and Family in Camiri - September 2016
Genesis with her family, late last year when they visited the Bible School

Upcoming: This month I will be visiting a variety of churches, working on the said book projects and attempt to be ready for anything regarding the health of Genesis’ father. Lord willing, I will be travelling to Lima and Tarapoto, Peru for a couple weeks in early July, before going to Miami and Seattle through early August. More on will be in the next update.


Prayer Requests:

  • So very thankful to the Lord to be engaged with Genesis, my beautiful fiancé and a blessing from the Lord
  • That the Lord would give us wisdom and guidance during this time as we prepare for our wedding
  • For Genesis’ father, Teddy, as he is very ill. That the Lord’s will be done and that the family would be strengthened
  • That the book and any future book projects will ever be used to the glory of God
  • That I may find my rest and recuperation in the Lord, after all the challenges He allowed in the past few months


Thank you for the prayers, encouragement and support.

God bless,



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