Rooted in Love

Dear friends and family,


Greetings from a chilly Lima, Peru, where I will be speaking over the weekend before continuing to Tarapoto to teach a couple weeks at the Bible School on Church History. Then it’s off to Miami and Seattle before returning home in mid-August.

June was a month of great suffering for myself and Genesis with the passing of her father, Teddy Campbell. He will be missed! Yet this time was also a special opportunity to feel the Lord’s presence and depend on His unconditional and eternal love. I was greatly encouraged by the Apostle Paul’s teaching on love in Ephesians 3. There he shows us that the greatest foundation we have is to understand that we are loved by God, and if we plant ourselves there, like a tree with deep roots, we cannot be moved. God is good, forever He is good and one day we will see the masterpiece that for now looks so disjointed.

“Free will, though it makes evil possible, is also the only thing that makes possible any love or goodness or joy worth having.” – CS Lewis

*             *             *

Last year, when the Campbell’s visited us. Teddy on the left

Genesis’ Father: On Tuesday, June 20th, Teddy Campbell passed away, after being in and out of the hospital for 4 months. The next day, exactly one month since our engagement, we buried her father. His trip to Camiri for the surprise engagement had been his last and said he couldn’t miss it. In spite of his weakness, he made a great effort to publicly bless our future marriage.

Hundreds of people came to say their last goodbye those two days, with maybe two-hundred being present at the burial. It was a special time to remember a great man – patient, wise, one who loved his family and the Lord’s work. He was an elder, esteemed and important part of management at the light company, member of many different organizations and foundations, etc.

Genesis, with her brothers, played some music at the service

It was a privilege to be able to conduct the services during these two days, also being able to share some words and the Gospel on several occasions. We all know he is in a better place, yet it is also natural to greatly miss someone you love. He was especially a great inspiration and mentor to Genesis. Please pray for the family and for his widow, Carmen.


Confesiones de un inquisidor: The book continues to be sold at an incredible rate. Already I’ve sold some 500, with the company selling well over a thousand internationally. The responses have been incredible and positive without exception, so far.

The high sale rate and positive impact opened the door to be invited to “ExpoLit Miami 2017”, the single-biggest literary and music event in the Christian Spanish-speaking world. They have asked me to give a seminar and to be part of a press and media event while in Miami, which includes important TV and radio stations. Really looking forward to it!

Last week I signed my 2nd contract with them, for the book Héroes, which should be coming out in September or October, Lord willing. The translation of my first book into English is yet in the works as well. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.

Genesis and me at the TV station

Peru, US Trip: For those of you that are interested, here is my schedule for the next several weeks:

Lima, Peru – July 6 to 9

  • 7-9 – San Martín – Conference on Daniel

Tarapoto, Peru – July 9 a 21

  • 10-21 of July – Church History Course
  • 12 – 8 pm; Iglesia Tarapoto
  • 13 – 3:30 pm; Homiletics Seminar 1
  • 16 – 10 am; Iglesia Tarapoto
  • 19 – 8 pm; Iglesia Tarapoto
  • 20 – 3:30 pm; Homiletics Seminar 2

Miami – July 22 to 27

  • 23 – 10 am; Homestead (Honduran Assembly)
  • 23 – 5 pm; Missionary Class Meeting (Boulevard)
  • 24 – 8 pm; Soccer ministry and message
  • 26 – 7:30 pm; Boulevard Bible Chapel
  • 27 – 7 pm; Boca Raton Bible Chapel
  • 28 – 8 pm; Homestead (Honduran Assembly)

Seattle – July 29 to August 9

  • 30 – 9:30 am; North Lynnwood Bible Chapel
  • 30 – 1:30 – 4 pm; North Lynnwood Bible Chapel – Seminar: The Islamic Antichrist (2 hours)
  • Family Reunion – July 31 to August 4
  • August 6 – 9:30 am; Des Moines Gospel Chapel
  • 6 – 6:30 pm; Northgate

Miami – August 8 to 14

  • 9-11 – ExpoLit Miami 2017
  • 12-13 – Churches in Florida, yet to confirm


Genesis saved some white roses at the burial in order to use at the wedding, symbolic of her father’s life and his blessing on our marriage

Thank you for the prayers, encouragement and support.

God bless,



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