His Way, His Time

(Featured Image: Celebrating Genesis’ 24th Birthday!)

Dear friends and family,

“Man is but dust and ashes,” is what Job, Solomon, and so many others in Scripture asked the Lord to remember. This life can be so full of activity and monotony, joy and sorrow. We are the children of God, an apt illustration, for we are like a small son with his father, walking through sunlit fields and then dark valleys. Do we trust His way? Do we trust His time?

August was a very full month for me, having arrived back from my trip to Peru and the US, trying to organize my things back home, at the coffee shop, etc. preaching engagements, teaching at the Bible School, yet longing to be able to spend more time with Genesis (a 5-hour bus ride away). Through it all the Lord has been good, for as Solomon declared: “There is a time for everything.”

“We are not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us; we are wondering how painful the best will turn out to be.” – C.S. Lewis
*             *             *

Engagement Party: Genesis and I were engaged in May, yet with her father’s passing a month later, we decided to postpone announcing the official date until a better time. We had a special lunch over a week ago to celebrate this with our families, hers being much larger here, of course. After some words from my father, Genesis and I shared and announced the date for our upcoming wedding. It will be on January 6, 2018 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia! We can hardly wait!

We have a wedding date!

We have been working on getting things ready for the wedding, having already reserved the place, and now contacting photographers, decorators, etc. In a world that so often looks down on marriage and family, we decided we wanted to go “all out” and do something memorable, as well as encouraging to the believers. It will be a lot of work and we will do our very best, for I consider it the least I can do in gratefulness to have been blessed by such a lovely and virtuous woman. Please pray for our wedding and our future life together, that the Lord would ever be at the center, teaching and guiding us.

ExpoLit Miami 2017: A month ago, I was at this event in Miami, the single biggest Spanish-speaking Christian literary event in the world. Upon arrival, my parents being with me for the first day, I was told that the next morning would be the most important opportunity in the event – 6 minutes in front of the Spanish distributors. Obviously, I felt nervous and being jet-lagged a few hours wasn’t wonderful, but I prayed to the Lord and gave it my best. It wasn’t until the night before I left the event, after several days full of interviews, great conversations, and memorable experiences, that I found out the full extent of our success that first morning. Turns out that there was not a single distributor who did not make an order to buy the book, and out of over a hundred books presented, mine was said to have made the greatest impact. Praise the Lord!

Celebrating the success of my book in Miami with my parents

My next book Héroes (in Spanish) is coming out later this month. The English version of the first book, Confessions of an Inquisitor, has already been translated thanks to the hard work of my father. We are hoping to have this book out by October.

Preaching: Since returning to Bolivia, I returned to my routine, speaking weekly at a local church, and travelling to Villamontes and twice to Santa Cruz. This past weekend I was asked to give a special series to celebrate the “Month of the Bible”. We had four messages together, mostly on the importance and transformative power of the Scriptures, illustrated specifically in the lives of Francis of Assisi, Martin Luther, and William Tyndale.

My only longer trip, previous to my wedding, will be to La Paz for a Pastors’ Conference on the Reformation, celebrating 500 years since its beginning. They have asked me to be one of the speakers at this event, giving the first message on the historical context of the Reformation, as well as being part of the panel throughout the weekend. The contact for this event was made at the book event in Miami.

Mattix Coffee: As stated in the previous ministry update, our small town of Camiri is going through a serious economic recession. Many businesses are closing and at the coffee shop we have had some challenging months. Our plan is to move downtown and expand the menu and staff next year, once Genesis is settled in. With the wedding upcoming and so many other things to do, the coffee shop doesn’t have all the support we would like to give it and the economy surely doesn’t help. Please pray for us to be wise as we proceed.

Bible School: On Friday, I finished teaching Christian Worldview, a class that can be very difficult for many students. The students this year are somewhat quiet, especially compared to last year, yet they are attentive and overall seemed to fare quite well.

On Monday, they begin their week of preparation for the ministry trip (I won’t be going). Our brother Jaime, who is part of our team, will be teaching the first two days, then I’ll finish this week with a course on Homiletics – the art of preaching. Looking forward to seeing what students may have this gift, as well as equipping all of them to be better suited, should the opportunity arise.

Cover for the upcoming book, Héroes

Prayer Requests:

  • Thankful to the Lord for so many opportunities, may none of them be wasted
  • For strength for Genesis and me, balancing so many different activities as well as preparing a wedding
  • Thankful for the incredible impact Confesiones de un inquisidor is having, may the Lord bless the next two projects in a similar way
  • That we might have wisdom with regards to the coffee shop and the town, as many here are suffering for lack of work
  • For the Bible School’s upcoming ministry trip, that they might go prepared and be a blessing

Thank you for the prayers, encouragement and support.

God bless,



6 thoughts on “His Way, His Time

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  1. Thank you for reading, brother Louis. We are looking forward to the wedding, thank you for the encouragement and prayers.

    Proverbs 23:23 is an encouraging verse, saying “Buy truth, and do not sell it; buy wisdom, instruction, and understanding.” Since one cannot truly buy truth or wisdom, it is implied that it is a gift from God. Therefore when it asks us to not sell it, I assume it means to treasure it and not go back to folly and foolishness now that we have such a great gift.

  2. Proverbs 23:23 Does say to buy the truth and sell it not…
    Happyheralds Heralds Inc on happyheralds.org has operated on this premise since 1954 when we were incorporated and The Lord has honored that and if you check out our website you will see all the materials and books we have available for free. Please read http://happyheralds.org/FUNCTIONING-BY-FAITH.htm
    I think this may be a big help to you let me know and thank you Chris

  3. Thank you, brother Louis. Read the article, very clear and Biblical. This is the basic framework for missions among the Brethren, based on George Muller’s example, a great man of God. Many blessings.

  4. That is true and it is based on The Word of The God.
    When you study The Bible it is The Holy Spirit That is teaching you all things and is leading and guiding you into all Truth and will show you things to come and will Glorify The Lord Jesus Christ. Cf. John 14:26,16:13-15; Neh. 9:20; Job 32:8-9; Acts 8:30-31.
    So as The you study and learn Truth ans understanding and wisdom and instruction and you keep notes and then write a Book based on what The God has taught you, Then pay for the book to be published so now you bought The Truth to either give it away without charge ( Buy The Truth and sell it Not ) or charge money for it.?

    If you don’t believe this, Then try it and see if The Lord Blesses you or not?
    I myself Have been with Happy Heralds Inc. since 1977 and where The God Guides He will provide! Thanks for listening. Lou Kinney

  5. Brother Louis,

    I understand the argument here and I would agree that there is a great use for free material. In my case, working with a large international publisher, giving books for free is not an option. If I were to do it for free, paying for it by alternate means, the end product would necessarily be lower, the audience may undervalue the material since it is free and my financial limits may limit the amount of people possibly reached. Paul received offerings, yet also had a small business, both used to the glory of God. I don’t believe one is necessarily worse than the other, as even Jesus was a carpenter before being an itinerant preacher.

    In my case, I have decided that all writing or business ventures be for the glory of God. When books are sold, a percentage goes directly into the ministry, same with the coffee shop. This allows many people to be reached, and part of the profits to give more to ministry, national workers, etc. than could be otherwise accomplished. Therefore, through careful investment of the funds, we can turn 1 into 2, and 2 into 4, and so on, Lord willing. My desire is for these ministries to be self-sufficient and provide enough that we may one day be able to invest in large-scale ministries – a large fund for national workers, expansion of the Bible School, and perhaps, in the future, a radio and television station.

    I would humbly opine that there are many ways to reach people for the Lord and I don’t think it necessarily a matter of lack of faith, since our goal is not our glory or wealth, but that of the Lord. I believe the Lord has given me a love for investment and business, I believe it was given by God and should be used to His glory. Those who give BIbles and material away for free and those who sell Bibles and material must all do it for the glory of God.

    Thank you, brother! Many blessings,

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