[This was written in 2009]


My book, Nobody is out!

Book description: Staring through us, the eyes of the cosmos see us; but we remain a mere blip in the aerospace. Nobody takes one down the lost streets of Bolivia, where Juanito, a desperate street kid is begging to become somebody. Underneath the charms of Bolivian life; the exotic flavors and lively speech, Christopher R. Mattix takes you to a world where corruption and desperation rule the land. Juanito, caught in the dance of crime and sorrow, is bound to the deadly game of drug dealing, seemingly cursed to follow in his fathers’ footsteps. As the adventures of

his life quickly spiral into intrigue and danger, Juanito is faced with not just surviving, but the question of what will happen if he can’t make it. Nobody examines issues such as self-worth, challenges perceptions about love, and asks for answers about the unknowns of life. If this world is the whole picture, Juan’s life is indeed the life of devastation, of a nobody, but the story suggests there may be more, a hope beyond even the darkest paths a person will travel on this earth.



Nobody deals with our large-worldwide problems in a very different way–through the eyes of a lonely and unloved boy from Bolivia who gets involved in drug-trafficking. I would recommend (if my recommendation means anything!) to read this book for yourself but also to share this book with others, as Nobody attempts to cause its readers to answer the difficult and elephant-like questions in one’s life. And primarily it seeks to bring people hope; that there are answers and that there is truth.

Nobody Cover

This is how it all works: my official Release Date was on June 30th of 2008. A release date means that the book is available online at all major sellers–Amazon, Borders, etc. It will also be available at local libraries in my area (Seattle) then, but not all bookstores will have it available. I have come to find out that some 800 books make it out to the market every single day, so it is hard to stand out and to compete.

The main goal for sharing this book with you and with everyone, is to share my opinion, and to give people hope. We are living in very low and depressing times now with the economy and all, and I have seen people world-wide being hit hard. But these depressing times are not only because of the physical turmoil people face, instead this has opened up the problems people face on an emotional level–trying to understand who they are and why they matter.

My first book reading

My first book reading

I am stepping into a great unknown, and I ask for your prayers more than anything.

10 thoughts on “Nobody

  1. Include mine, with your authgraph, in your shipping to Bolivia! I will send you a check via ECOBOL :-)

  2. Chris,

    I recieved an email from your mom & dad saying thst there would be a book party this sat. May 2nd, but no time. Also said that it will be at the Lynwood Chapel but we don’t know where thst is exactly. Let me know, we would like to see if we can make it.



  3. I got your book last night, read the fisrt chapter and loved the way you introduce Juanito.

    (You haven’t told me how $)

  4. “People survive off of hope, but people with passion truly live”
    I love this statement…can I quote it sometime in my blog?

    It is really something to be reading about familiar places and sites in your book, I can clearly picture: Palma Sola, Plan tres mil, Plaza and the Cañoto with its smell of deep-fried chicken and those huge TV screen showing chinese movies! ha ha!
    I am loving the way you are conveying what you have experienced and seen in Bolivia into the story of this little boy whom I have surely seen “around”.

    Your poem at the beginning of ch 4 it is great! Good job Chris!
    I am into it!

  5. Hey Andres, I am glad you are enjoying it!
    Of course you can quote my book.
    I think the story is extra-special for those who live in Bolivia and I am thankful for the chance to share my homeland with others around the world. But I would love to be able to get “Nobody” into Spanish some day…We shall see!
    Good work on your blog, I always like what I read.

  6. Here are some of your ideas that I like:

    Angels playing baseball! Ha ha! (One day we’ll join them in the game)

    “Silence tells the most many times; it sheds light on things inexplicable, with emotions blazing straight from our souls.”

    In ch. 15 Otto comforts Juanito with his arms around him and with silence! (sometimes that’s all what people need from us…what I need).

    In ch. 16 Ricardo says “son of a…” (Ha ha, I guess we need to finish the phrase!!!)

    And then, no happy ending. (Very good. If life goes on, there will be afflictions, problems, set backs, disappointments) but I like to think that Juanito grew up, went to the States and became a writer…a very good and famous writer. :-)

  7. Haha, I love it Andres!
    Thanks for sharing the parts of the book you enjoyed. I like the way you deciphered the ending…how did you know!? No, not really. It might fit in some respects, and hopefully it fits all people, in some way–as we try to answer the big questions in life. I’m glad you got to read it!

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