Michael Card, an Interview

I’m so thankful that I had the privilege of interviewing Michael Card, a great musician and songwriter, with the intent of translating and publishing the article in Spanish. Soon it will be available in print and hopefully online, but I wanted to make the English format available to you all as well. May it bless […]

A Glorious Revelation (Daily Devotional)

Today’s reading: Revelation 1 It was sometime Sunday, the year being near 95 AD, and John was a Roman prisoner on the deserted island of Patmos, likely awaiting a slow, natural death. He was meditating on the Lord’s Day, he tells us, and was “in the Spirit” (v.10), which implies deep personal though about God and Jesus […]

The Experiential Christian

(With a title like this, I am just looking for trouble! It’s unorthodox, non-conservative, and dangerously post-modern, isn’t it? You will likely be surprised, so trust me on this one, my beloved reader. And thanks for taking the time.) I find it so very strange, yet so natural a thing to see how far we […]