A Benign, Loving Dictator

Reading: Psalm 33 While reading through Psalm 33 this morning, verses 4 and 5 brought to mind a curious question which one of my students asked me last week. Over the past two weeks I taught Christian Worldview & Apologetics – why do we believe what we believe & how do we defend it rationally & Biblically – […]

“Lord, Command What You Will, and Will What You Command” (Devotional)

Today’s Reading: Matthew 14 (Context: The death of John the Baptist is followed by a very full day of work for Jesus, as he heals, teaches, and does awesome mind-bending miracles). The beheading of Jesus’s cousin, John the Baptist, is recounted in Matthew 14, detailing the power-struggle and proud nature in the Galilean Herod Antipas’ […]

The God of the Improbable (Daily Devotional)

Today’s Reading: Genesis 12-3. (Context: Abram, previous to his later name change, is called-out by God to be the father of the world’s most important and impressive people group, the Jews.) Throughout Genesis, the chronology is both fast-forwarded and very broad. Names and places, events and natural disasters fly by at break-back speed. The time slows and the […]

Are We “Totally Depraved”? (Daily Devotional)

Today’s Reading: Genesis 5-6. For quite some time the phrase “totally depraved” gave me shudders, and I kept saying “that can’t be right”. Well, I realized later that the concept was right, but the wording was wrong. Calvinists define totally depravity as the inability of a person to do good at all without God. That part […]

The Difficult Doctrine of Election

Here is my attempt to define, in the simplest of ways, the most hotly debated topic in the last 2,000 years of man’s history. There is no conclusive and logical and Biblical (all at the same time) answer for the question: “How can God both choose those that He will save to eternal life, while […]