Thanking the Giver

What is Thanksgiving about? Thanksgiving is relatively unknown outside of the United States and Canada. Many curious friends of mine in Bolivia ask me why Thanksgiving is celebrated. In the last couple days I’ve told the story a few times – how God protected the first Europeans who landed on American soil, fleeing religious intolerance only to find […]

Atheist: Africa Needs God

Note: This is by Matthew Parris, an English journalist and outspoken atheist. While it is not absolutely current, it was written on December 27, 2008 and put on the “The Times” of England. What he states, coming from his liberal and anti-God background, is incredible and largely right.   Before Christmas I returned, after 45 […]

People as Objects

The thought has been ruminating in my mind for a while,  why we treat people the way we do, and fail to love them like we should? Animals, unless one is defending their right as leader, are usually kind to one another, loving, and loyal. There are none ostracized from the group, none cut off […]

The Pursuit of Truth

I have seen men old and young, men of old and men of now–slaves to doubt, chained by reason. Is life a sick experiment–has nature formed us to deceive and break us? Or are we breaking ourselves with our own thoughts and passions? Is our hope of life, a fulfilled life, simply a vanishing hope […]