Baptism Saves You!

Scripture is so full of beauty, wonder, teaching, truth, and application; yet it also has it’s fair share of “hard passages”. 1 Peter 3:18-22 is one of them and so I want to delve into the passage in order to answer the strange proposition Peter seems to teach – “Baptism…now saves you”. We will also […]

Heaven: Our Great Dichotomy

Heaven is our soul’s greatest longing and its’ single worst fear. Our utmost longing for we can sometimes glimpse its’ shadow in the deep notes of a cello, in the glorious colors of a sunset by the sea, and in the eagle’s graceful flight, as it soars into the wind. Yet heaven is also our […]

A Terrible and Wonderful Longing

The chief goal of humankind can be summed-up in a search for two things: to be eternally loved and eternally happy. The ultimate purpose of religion, philosophy, and utopian ideals is the grandiose promise to achieve this end. It is not only religion, philosophy, and utopian ideals which try and bring us love and happiness, for […]

Stephen: Now I See (Devotional)

Reading: Acts 6-7. I was fascinated by Stephen as I read about and pondered over his courage and even joy in the face of imminent death. His martyrdom is regarded as the first martyrdom in the name of Christ in the Apostolic Age. Think about that: it wasn’t an Apostle, it wasn’t even a Jew, but […]

Lose Yourself (Devotional)

Passage: Matthew 16 (Context: Christ makes a shift away from offering the Kingdom to offering the Gospel to the world. The Jews had rejected Him as King, so He would become their Savior instead, as was prophesied. With this change in pursuit came a change in thinking: suffering was to become a staple in the […]

Jesus: Profound, Polarizing, & Radical (Devotional)

Today’s Reading: Matthew 6 (Context: The Sermon on the Mount continues, as Jesus’ teaching continues to amaze them. The topic in this chapter speaks about the love of self, money, and of this world in general.) Jesus was radical — His teaching was new, fresh, and surprising. He was polarizing, whereas people either loved Him with […]

“Rags Unto Riches” (Daily Devotional)

Today’s Reading: Revelation 21-2. (Context: Two of the most descriptive passages on heaven are scripted by the Apostle John, with as much insight and color as he can bear give us. It is a fitting way to close Scripture, whose purpose is to go from “Paradise Lost” to “Paradise Regained”, as the entire Book hinges on […]

The Worthy One (Daily Devotional)

Today’s Reading: Revelation 4-5. The majestic Throne Room is crowded with hundreds, and thousands, even tens of thousands, and they are preparing for the entry of the Worthy One, the King of Kings. John sits, lost in a multitude of the glorious angels and honored humans, he is literally sitting in the future, at one of […]