Church Diagnostics: Blind Faith (Letter 2 of 7)

In case you missed it, here is the introduction to this series, as we look into the seven letters written to the seven churches in Revelation 2-3. My attempt is to harmonize the letters with Church History as well as to use it as a sort of diagnosis on today’s churches, looking at the possible pitfalls […]

A Terrible and Wonderful Longing

The chief goal of humankind can be summed-up in a search for two things: to be eternally loved and eternally happy. The ultimate purpose of religion, philosophy, and utopian ideals is the grandiose promise to achieve this end. It is not only religion, philosophy, and utopian ideals which try and bring us love and happiness, for […]

New Sermon: Ezra 9-10 – The Terrible Weight of Sin

I preached the following sermon this past Sunday at North Lynnwood Bible Chapel in Lynnwood, WA. They were doing a series on Ezra, and this finalized it. Earlier I preached on Ezra 3-4 in this series. If any more of my sermons get recorded while I am in the US, I will upload them, also […]

Book Review: “Captive in Iran”

There are thousands of books published on a regular basis, and finding one worth reading is often quite difficult. Personally I am very selective with what I read, with author and/or topic being very important. One of the benefits of modern technology is the ability to listen to a vast variety of audiobooks here in […]

God of the Storm (Daily Devotional)

Today’s Reading: Genesis 8. I love the story of Jesus walking on water found in the Gospels. How in two instances he (aside from scaring the living daylights out of His disciples) walks over the Sea of Galilee. It was docile to His touch, the rolling waves lifted and fell, yet He didn’t fall, nor […]