Onwards and Upwards

Dear friends and family,   September was quite full and crazy, yet a lot of fun – wouldn’t change being a missionary for any other job! Got to teach, preach, travel, and enjoy God’s many blessings in so many different places. It is a privilege to be a child of God and to have true […]

Emmanuel: Making a Masterpiece

Listen to this while you read – Instrumental of “What Child is This?” :    It’s Christmas, a season known for the frenetic shopping in malls and stores, of families decorating the Christmas tree, and the rich smells of melted chocolate and home cooking migrating out of the kitchen. Surely Christmas Day is the most […]

Rising from the Ashes (Part 1 of 2)

I often marvel at God’s graciousness and wisdom in using our foolishness, lack of foresight, and even sin to His glory. Be it through Scripture, the reading of biographies, or from personal experiences this truth is readily visible to any who would ponder such a thought. Why would a good, pure, and holy God care […]

Love is Jesus (Devotional)

Reading: Genesis 42-3 (Context: The plot returns and refocuses on the disturbing and dysfunctional family of Jacob. They are sent to Egypt to buy food, where they are treated as spies by the mysterious Vice Regent of the Empire. Joseph is not desirous to open-up to them immediately, but desires to test them. When they […]

Becoming A Man (Devotional)

Today’s Reading: Genesis 38-9 (Context: Joseph is sold into slavery by his brothers, to none other than their half-cousins, the Ishmaelites. Joseph, a young, naive, and proud 17-year-old learns barely escapes death in becoming a slave to a rich man named Potiphar, who is of high-brow Egyptian culture. Here Joseph’s “metal” is tested.)  Abraham Lincoln once […]