ExpoLit Miami!

Dear friends and family,   Most of this was written yesterday, as we were flying somewhere over Louisiana, at a cruising altitude of 39,000 thousand feet, on our way to Miami International Airport. I say we, because my parents were on the same flight. They got on the plane to Bolivia today and I will […]

We Got Engaged!

Dear friends and family,   What so many of us were praying for and hoping for (none more than myself!) has finally arrived. Genesis and I are officially engaged! We are so blessed and encouraged! Despite a ludicrously-busy month of May, one full of surprises, where we encountered great joy and sorrow, I was reminded […]

God’s Great Experiment

Dear friends and family, The Lord blessed my January with struggle and suffering. I say “blessed” because it brought me to my knees and closer to our loving heavenly Father. Truly all things from the Lord are for our greater good and lead to maturity, greater faith, and a fuller joy. We should never be […]

Update: I’m Blessed!

This morning I arrived from a week of teaching Survey of Doctrine at a small town on the Huajaga River in the Peruvian Jungle. My students were all Pastors or would-be Pastors, thirteen in all, making me both the youngest and the only single man there. What an interesting combination! My week began on Sunday […]

“Don’t Waste Your Life!” (Ministry Update)

Over the next few days I will be teaching at a Youth Camp here in Tarapoto, Peru. I’m looking forward to sharing the 6 messages they’ve asked me to prepare, choosing to title the series “Don’t Waste Your Life”. We will be studying a wide variety of passages and characters from Church History, but the main passage […]