A Brief Critique on “Miracle Workers” (Devotional)

Reading: Matthew 10 (Context: Jesus sends the disciples out on a “Missions Trip” to Jews only, because the Kingdom was offered to them alone, at this time. Jesus also knew that they would be rejected, and that He as their King would be rejected, so He also instructs them on how to behave as preachers of […]

A Legacy: In Memory of Gene Train

Gene Train, a longtime missionary, teacher, visionary, and school administrator passed away this morning after a life well spent serving God. Tonight there will be a service to remember him, and many, many in Camiri, Bolivia are working hard already to prepare to commemorate a great man. He was well known in our part of Bolivia, having […]

CMML – Great New Website!

I’d like to introduce and promote a new website: CMML USA This is a great new website that I am so glad to see up-and-running. The purpose of the website is to keep people informed about the hundreds of missionaries around the world under the organization of Christian Missions in Many Lands Inc, a wonderful […]