Church Diagnostics: Self-Dependence (Letter 1 of 7)

In case you missed it, here is the introduction to this series, as we look into the seven letters written to the seven churches in Revelation 2-3. My attempt is to harmonize the letters with Church History as well as to use it as a sort of diagnosis on today’s churches, looking at the possible pitfalls […]

The Worthy One (Daily Devotional)

Today’s Reading: Revelation 4-5. The majestic Throne Room is crowded with hundreds, and thousands, even tens of thousands, and they are preparing for the entry of the Worthy One, the King of Kings. John sits, lost in a multitude of the glorious angels and honored humans, he is literally sitting in the future, at one of […]

God’s Riddles: Are We Nearing the End? (Daily Devotional)

Note: I traveled this past weekend to Yacuiba, which is a large, commercial city, near the Argentine border. That is why I was unable to give the “daily devotional”. God is good and a good time was had with the believers in Yacuiba, as I gave three intensive messages on “Islam and It’s Eschatology”.  Today’s Reading: Revelation 2-3. Revelation […]

A Glorious Revelation (Daily Devotional)

Today’s reading: Revelation 1 It was sometime Sunday, the year being near 95 AD, and John was a Roman prisoner on the deserted island of Patmos, likely awaiting a slow, natural death. He was meditating on the Lord’s Day, he tells us, and was “in the Spirit” (v.10), which implies deep personal though about God and Jesus […]